Clone, sequel, tired genre...ooh, puppies!


What happens if you poke them in the eye?

Can you slap them around like in Black and White?

My friend, you just gave me the one and only reason to purchase a DS. Thank you…

Aw man … If there are wiener doggies, I’m going to be forced to buy multiple copies and hardware for the family.

This looks like so much fun I’m going to put my real dogs down as soon as it’s released! :twisted:

There’s a pug puppy!

Just guaranteed one sale to my wife, plus any hardware required to play it.

It looks cute, but it can’t be interesting for more than 1/2 hour.

Hmmm, I may have spoken to soon about my wifes guaranteed sale. I showed her the video and she had a similar response. Plus some feedback that Nintendo should really take to heart

So apparently if the sequel has puppies plus a flight sim aspect, that’s a guaranteed sale :D

As the owner of two Beagles the DS just went on my must buy list… after all I had fun with Dogz for a while and they weren’t nearly as cute! Also I know my wife is going to love it… justifies the purchase!

And in one fell swoop, Nintendo crushed Sony’s attempt at the portable market.

I’m serious, my PSP money just went to the DS.

Even if that’s true - and I doubt it - it’s still a great showcase on something genuinely original to do with the stylus.

My daughter wants a puppy. I don’t want a puppy. I do want a DS. Yay!

Eh? That doesn’t look even marginally interesting as a game. Once the cuteness factor wears out, what’s gonna be left? A screensaver?

Is there a kitten alernative? WE CANNOT ALLOW A KITTEN GAP!

Yeah, teaching them tricks, playing with them, enterting them into dog shows and having them change based on the hardware clock in the DS, the sensing other wireless DSes in the area and having the dogs react to it, entering them into dog shows…all of that means nothing!

If I can’t have cats! :o

Seriously, I’d buy it if it were only about cats. They should do a Pokemon thing, Petomon: Calico Cat and Petomon: Doberman Dog!

I’ve never really played a pet sim before unless you count raising aliens and teaching them how to speak human language and understand our world.


I’ll play this if you can grab screenshots of the dogs playing poker.

I could watch those puppies jump rope all day and never stop laughing.

Cats have no place in the game! Except maybe to chase. Let them get their own game!

As one of the original designer’s on Dogz, I can tell you that the fact that you don’t like this product doesn’t mean it won’t sell like hotcakes.

Every programmer hated the program, because all they could parse was the code behind the experience. Other people clearly saw “puppies”, and a million copies flew off the shelves.

So does anyone know if this is coming to the US? I don’t see it on any release lists… that would be a travesty.