Clone Wars question

Is Shakti, the colorful faced chick Jedi in the last few episodes of Vol II, a twi’lek or what? She’s the one who holds off all those twirling baton guys while the other Jedi help the Senator escape. She seems to have her head tendrils untied or something, or maybe she’s some other race.

Also, is she the one who gets easily shot in the back on the Alice in Wonderland planet in Episode III?


I’m pretty sure she isnt the one who gets shot in that Order 66 sequence. But as to what her species is…?

PS. Alice in Wonderland? Really?

Jesus, Tom, why do you want to know this silly stuff? Are you preparing another Shoot Club episode or what?

Alice in Wonderland is good. I immediately thought they were on some Dr. Seuss planet.

I think she’s actually the daughter of a dwarf named Groin.

“For they walk through this life,
In toe-crappity shoes.”


Okay, apparently Shakti was shown on the Jedi Council at some point in Eps. I or II (I can’t recall off hand if this is so), as well as in the Jedi fight pit on Geonosis during the rescue of Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme in Ep. II. She is a different race than the Twi’lek. They don’t show her get killed in Ep. III, so she either got killed off-screen, or she’s one of the Jedi that will eventually get hunted down by Darth Vader.

The hot midriff-baring Twi’lek jedi on the colorful planet that gets shot in the back 700 times is apparently a character first introduced in expanded universe novels and comics, named Aayla Secura. She was shown in Ep II as one of the Jedi that fights in the Geonosis fight pit. Upon further digging around, you can see that the actress that plays her is, too, a hottie (and apparently originally just a production assistant for Lucas).

Most of this stuff I dug up on the official Star Wars site perusing through the archives as pertaining to Ep. III.

The hot midriff-baring Twi’lek jedi on the colorful planet that gets shot in the back 700 times is apparently a character first introduced in expanded universe novels and comics, named Aayla Secura.

Ha ha ha! Oh, wait, her name’s not supposed to be a joke?

I’m asking because I actually like the basics of Clone Wars story, and I really like the art design of the prequels. Shakti was pretty cool in Tartakovsky’s shorts and I just wondered if there was something about her being a twilek who clipped her head tendrils or something.

So she was in Eps I & II? Anyone have a screen capture? I’m not about to go rent those wretched things again, but I’m curious how she looked live action.


Here’s Shaak Ti’s entry on the Star Wars database; apparently she’s from a race called the Togruta:

It shows some pics of her from the movies, although the live-action Shaak Ti seems a bit creepy for some reason as compared to the cool Clone Wars portrayal of her.

Here’s the entry for Aayla Secura:

Apparently this character was also in the Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars - there’s a pic of her from it under the “expanded universe” tab.

Here’s Shaak Ti’s entry on the Star Wars database

Oh. Eew. Well, at least she was supercool in Tartakovsky’s shorts.

In fact, Mace Windu, who was totally a doofus in the movies because of Samuel “This Party’s Over” Jackson being so miscast, is also pretty cool in the shorts. Man, if you took half the cool stuff from the shorts and combined it with half the cool stuff from the prequels, you’d be about half way to a pretty awesome movie.


Ew? Here are a couple of pics of the actress who plays her. Not much ew there!

Well, to be fair, I didn’t go stalking her on the internet, looking up modeling pictures on her fan site. :)

I’m talking more about how goofy the live action Shakti* looked as opposed to the colorful and expressive character in Tartavoksy’s shorts.

  • I can’t be bothered to spell it however it’s supposed to be spelled. I have a hard enough time trying to remember the number of e’s in wookiee.

Yeah, The Clone Wars made me a permanent fan of Shaak-Ti. Too bad she seems so expressive and cool in the cartoon and just creepy in the films. A semi-final draft of Episode 3’s script has her beheaded by Dooku in an intial boarding attempt on the Separatist cruiser holding Palpatine, but it was cut after it was pointed out she’d need to be in two places at once considering the end of the Clone Wars series.

Lucas actually had some pretty gruesome scenes in his earlier drafts of Episode 3. A late version had Anakin walk into Palpatine’s office to stop Mace and seeing Kit Fisto’s severed head staring back at him from atop Palpatine’s desk. If you can get hold of drafts from early 2003 or before, it reads more like an R than a PG-13.

Wow, after reading this it is pretty obvious that old man Lucas really hates Star Wars. Thankfully people talked him out of certain choices. I bet he even has a Fuck Star Wars banner flying at the ranch house.

Why is it he wouldn’t let the writers of the animated cartoon write the script for the movie? They obviously don’t hate Star Wars and are more talented.

Is that the same as the bluish fellow that was standing next to the Senate Chancellor in TPM?

Truthfully, I imagine he wasn’t all that aware of what they were doing. I saw the second season of Clone Wars at the Egyptian theatre the weekend before they aired. Tartakovsky literally brought the whole season to the theatre from the post production house. In fact, some of the stuff at the end of Shaak-Ti’s final run from Grievous wasn’t finished, and she spent a good amount of time fighting motionless droid bodyguards in some shots. In the Q&A afterward, Tartakovsky commented that the schedule was just as tight on the original season, to the point that he doesn’t think Lucas even saw Clone Wars until it aired, and he definitely wouldn’t see season 2 until air.

Lucas met with Tartakovsky in person originally when the series was conceived, but Tartakovsky’s animation studio was given free reign to do the series, and Lucas’ only guideline for the second season was “Hey, why don’t you do the opening crawl from Episode III?” Apparently they were simply commissioned, someone from Lucas Licensing cleared the scripts, and they made the shows.

It sounded to me during the Q&A that Lucas is very hands-off when it comes to even the high-profile projects like Clone Wars.

From the “shooting” script:


ANAKIN walks through the Jedi Temple, where he finds and kills SHAAK TI.
He exits Shaak Ti’s room and enters a hallway, where the battle is taking place.


ANAKIN enters a room full of YOUNGLINGS huddled in a corner.

According to the Making of book, Greivous was going to kill Shaak Ti on earlier in the movie but then it moved to Anakin then removed completely.

I suppose it could be because Lucas plans to use her in the TV series, dunno.

I would have liked to have seen more of Anakin massacring the Jedi in the temple, if only to give more weight to Obi-Wan’s line in ANH about how Vader “helped the Emperor hunt down and destroy the Jedi.”

Could see some of it in the TV series, though I doubt it (though I can imagine the “sweep ratings” craze if Vader was to make an appearance).

In regards to my earlier post, page 213 shows the scene where Anakin kills Shaak Ti as she’s meditating.

I would guess one or more Vader appearances are all but assured in the television series. No need to try and get a movie star to slum in a TV show- just put anyone in a Vader outfit. If possible get James Earl Jones to do a voiceover, if not then any of the other voice replacements Lucasfilm has used over the years.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Jimmy Smits’ character make a few appearances in the television series. I thought he did a good job in his limited screentime in ROTS.

Is that the same as the bluish fellow that was standing next to the Senate Chancellor in TPM?[/quote]

Nope, Mas Amedda is apparently a Chagrian, and served as the Vice Chair of the Senate.

Wow! That Databank has everything and more.