Close Combat: Modern Tactics

Has anyone played this yet?
I was (or rather: AM) a massive fan of the original Close Combats, especially 1-3 and I did enjoy 4 & 5. Now a days the CC engine seems to be utilised by both the RAF and the US Marines for training purposes. Modern Tactics is a commercialisation of one of these versions, from what I gather. Does anyone know any more about this? There’s suprisingly little about this that I can find - ie a good (as in not-player) review from a major gaming website. Why has this once proud series been religated to being ignored? Infact I’d go as far as to say it was once THE best series of games that defined “Tactical” combat. Infact, I’d daresay the original games are, dodgy tank-path finding aside.


I played around with mods for original CC5 and it seems they did a much better work than any official update (beautiful maps and challenging gameplay).

The official new versions don’t seem to add or improve much and are usually incompatible with mods.