Godzilla meets Blair Witch?


oooh…finally get to do this…

That thread was about the trailer.
This thread is about the movie.

I have more posts than you, therefore I am right!

LOL! thanks for schooling me X. :)

Super goes and hangs out at the low post count table.

This thread is fail.

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I would prefer a new thread as I have avoided any discussion of the movie and that thread to avoid any possible spoilerish material or the risk of getting over-hyped.

And how many posts do you think it would take to make this thread that?

Is there really any danger of Cloverfield suffering from overhype? They sorta fumbled away any energy gained from the first trailer.

So I just read a review at aint it cool and it’s kinda got me excited to see this again. here it is

Not in my book they didn’t. I’m there opening night or damned near. The only goddamned question is whether one of my major buddies is going fucking skiing (SKIING! ON 1-18-08!!!) this weekend or not.

I don’t know that review is pretty fanboyish. It’s full of all kinds over the top praise and exposition. Reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes and user reviews at Unfiction have been pretty mixed.

I really want to see this movie tomorrow. Too bad Marcus Theaters (the near-monopoly theater company in this area) isn’t showing it. Ugh. The only place to see it in Milwaukee is at a single mall full of annoying teenagers.

76% is pretty mixed? That seems pretty good to me for a giant monster movie filmed in quake-o-vision!

I have been wanting to see this, that just confirms it.

Yeah skiing in the middle of winter is pretty weird.

At time of posting it was 50% on RT.

Yes, I will wear the ass hat. I thought about that after I had submitted. Don’t taze me, bro!

Congratulations Bill, you earned your snark hat for the day!

What’s weird, obviously, was going skiing on Cloverfield day when he could be watching the goddamned movie with me.

The ads for this have been obnoxious. The movie will have to make up for that before I even think about seeing it (via word of mouth, I mean).

Cloverfield told me to tell you that it’s sorry, and that it will totally make it up to you.