Club Penguin?

So I’m an old fart. But my 9 year old son wants to join something called “Club Penguin”, which I have no clue about, but which many of his friends are apparently in. Membership in Club Penguin costs money, which to my mind might be much better spent buying tickets to “Long Road Out of Eden” (I’m a really old fart). Decisions, decisions.

So, hivemind: Any of you have experience with Club Penguin? Is it a good thing? Is it worth foregoing an Eagles’ experience for? What if it were an Alanis Morissette concert instead? Wouldn’t that be ironic?

(Sorry, I’m getting silly. But I’m am seriously interested in your opinions regarding whether a membership into Club Penguin is worth the fee.)

Anything with penguins = awesome. That’s all I know on this subject.

I don’t know anything about Club Penguin from personal experience, but I know it’s immensely popular among kids. I think Webkinz is pretty big too…

Wasn’t Club Penguin mention on the previous podcast? Judging from randomly seeing the DS games, I assume this is some sort of super secret penguin spy club.

Yea, this. I just want to know if it’s worth dropping $6/mo for membership, or if what I’m really buying is simply access to a bunch of sugary breakfast cereal advertisements.

On the other hand, if it has something to do with this, we’re cool:

It was supposedly a very kid safe and fun kids game/meeting place. You know some mini games and stuff but less mmo and more community (and getting stuff for your penguin). Developed by two people not happy with what was on offer for their own kids and later sold of to Disney for a ridiculous amount.

My kid hasn’t shown any interest, so I’ve never checked it out. But from what I hear there’s a lot there, it’s well made, it started with the best of intentions and is now a Disney property with a pretty high standard.

Reading into it, I like it more and more, because most of their competition relies on micro transactions which is fucking insidious most of the time and even more so when your audience is kids with no real sense of the value of money. They also give to charities by involving the players.

Unless $6 is a lot in your household, I say give it a chance.

The monthly fee is about as optional as fees for any other free-to-play MMO. Your penguin selection is limited, the stuff you can win for it is limited, and some of the things you can do are limited. There is no harm in trying it out for free to see if it sticks. And yes, it was discussed briefly on my podcast.

funny that this came up. Yesterday my 6 year old neighbour couldn’t wait to show me his membership certificate that he had printed off and laminated. Apparently it’s all about the “Puffles” whatever that is. It sure does seem to make him happy.

Yea, “Puffles”. I’ve been hearing that word alot lately – never could figure out its context. Now I know.

So, looks like this family is going into the Penguin spying biz.

Thanks, all.

Yep, Club Penguin was mentioned by JPR on the podcast. And here’s what I thought of, which will make no sense if you haven’t seen Four Lions.