Clue (1985)

Great article, thanks for linking. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

Yes, thank you, just read the whole thing aloud and we laughed and laughed.

I wanted to post a gif of the four-person collision on the staircase but couldn’t find it.

My wife hasn’t seen it either so I also planned on showing it to her.

I’ll do that tonight.

Ha! My wife has never seen this, either, will have to put it on our weekend family night movie list. Tim Curry was fantastic in this.

One of my favorite bits of writing about this film:

For those of us who grew up with the movie, it was an early exposure to transgression with no traumatic repercussions. There is murder but no blood, sex but no nudity, so much screaming and not a single expletive. The movie offers up a buffet of offenses, from blackmail to sexual harassment to (gasp) socialism, withholding the painful complexities and delivering only the thrill of the infraction itself.

“Transgression without repercussions” is a great way to phrase it.

HAH yes brilliant!!

Ah Roku channel, free movies occasionally worth watching

Lets see how the wife likes.

Sometimes you gotta roll your own.

Man, I haven’t seen this movie in forever but of course I do remember I loved it. I never saw it in theaters so I never knew they shipped it without all three endings - that would have annoyed me if I had actually seen it in the theater. Especially knowing that Madeline Kahn’s little ad-lib would have only been seen in one of those endings.


“Why has the car stopped”? -“Its frightened.” - I loved that bit. Although my memory recall was always “Why did you stop the car?”,“I didn’t, its frightened”.

So many great gags in the movie, and great acting - I would like to think they all had tremendous fun making it!

There are some great lines in it.

My wife, who generally dislikes films older than her (and this qualifies, barely), enjoyed it.

The three endings are the best part. Tim Curry’s energy in it is fantastic.

All I remember about this is how terribly it did when it came out in the theaters. It’s now a cult classic? I guess I’ll have to watch it!

I came to it pretty late too. Don’t think I’d even heard of it until my 20s (ie the 2000s), and it wasn’t till my 30s that I actually watched it. Now I think it’s one of the all time best comedies.

I never saw the theatrical release (I was 1) only the home release with 3 endings.

And it has Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and a solid set of character actors with a fantastic script.

I just noticed last night that this is streaming via Amazon Prime right now. So no excuse for not watching this if you have Prime! Amazing movie.

Such a wonderful movie. We watched it again a few months back. To me, this kind of madcap comedy feels like a lost art now, or maybe just don’t work anymore because of the sense of innocence they tend to have.

Folks who enjoyed Clue might perhaps check out Oscar and Married to the Mob.

I must’ve watched it recently because it says ‘view again’ on Amazon prime. Though I couldn’t tell you when I watched it!