CNN article on the sniper and video games

“You go to video game chat rooms and you have the proclamation ‘I am God’ all over the place,” said Thompson, an advocate of regulations to keep violent video games out of the hands of minors.

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The Boy Scouts give out badges for riflery and you see “I am God” all over the Bible. I wonder if the FBI are looking for a deeply religious Eagle scout as well as a gamer. That seems just as plausible in their wild leaps of induction.

Is Jeordan Legon the Cmdr. Taco of CNN?

At least they offered different viewpoints this time.

I figure some people are crazy. Crazy people will find ways to be crazy.

How is any of it any different from playing cowboys and Indians (or cops and robbers) as a child?

“The mayhem that we’re seeing, we’re seeing played out by somebody who is a marksman, either in the military or a video game setting,” he said.

Heh, again with this stupid correlation. I don’t care how good you are in a video game, it doesn’t translate to being a good marksman. See, you have this large, bulky weapon you have to hold up to your eye. Then you have to sight in on your target, and pull the trigger without moving the weapon. What? You’re on your ass? Oh yeah, forgot about the recoil.

Doug Lowenstein has it right with,“The notion that using a mouse or controller in a video game can teach people to be a sharpshooter is absurd.”

I’m known to shout out “I am God!” while nailing big-bottomed hookers and simultaneously making pouty-lipped muscle man poses in the 80’s style wall mirror over my bed.

It seems to me that the last person who would be claiming to be God would be a devout Christian, or really any believer in monotheism. Yahwehs and such other omnipotent deities tend not to react positively to these wanna-bes - I’m pretty sure it involves a punishment of being hit by lightning or having your castle invaded by rampaging pagan homosexuals or something. No, I think the FBI should go after the atheists - they are the guys you’re after!

Which would mean, ironically enough after all after all that constitutional ballyhoo about separation of church and state, the FBI and God are now finally on the same side - gunning for sniper atheists.

Ok, now THAT made me laugh.

You can’t shout “I am God!” while simultaneously having pouty lips.

I’m a sort of Puppetry-of-the-Penis-caliber ventriloquist. Or for you old school porn-mongerers out there, a masculine version of the main character in the eponymous “Chatterbox”. So the shout was muffled and slightly gurgly, but distinctly audible.

Don’t forget that Thompson is the lawyer for the woman suing Sony over the death of her EQ-playing son. I’m rather surprised CNN didn’t mention the connection.

I withdraw my objection in the face of this well-researched rebuttal…

Most distressingly, the reporter of this piece is a hardcore gamer who thinks this angle is crap and who laughs at the Grossmans of the world. I chatted with him a while; he was assigned this angle (note: not to gather facts on it, but to write it, plainly and simply) and cranked it out dutifully.

Thanks, CNN.

Wouldn’t the videogame connection be the God-mode cheat code from Doom? It was “IAMGOD” wasn’t it? Christ, the mainstream media can’t even slander the videogame industry properly. I can’t imagine a network passing up the chance to break out the stock footage of Doom.

From the CNN article:

“The mayhem that we’re seeing, we’re seeing played out by somebody who is a marksman, either in the military or a video game setting,” he said.

One or the other. That’s so awesome.

I don’t know whether to be flattered or fearful that my perfection of headshots in UT qualifies me as an expert marksman in the opinion of all the highly insightful folks at CNN.

Doesn’t America’s Army train you as a marksman?

Doesn’t America’s Army train you as a marksman?

Do you mean the game or the military organization?


It trains you to point and click, prefereably when the wav files of the guy breathing in or out are not playing. Now, if you had a 16 pound mouse with some serious force feedback…um, you’d have a shitty mouse, I don’t know.

Isn’t that the point? I mean the game is so realistic shouldn’t you be able to skip basic and go straight into the special forces? Wasn’t that the whole idea of the military anyway, to secretly train the youth of America to understand and emulate the military way so they will all fall into line when the black helicopters start flying overhead or worse when the Cubans invade and I have to drive up into the mountains with the rest of the football team in my Dad’s pickup and perform gureilla warfare against the invaders until Lea Thompson and that chick from Dirty Dancing shows up and we all die horribly trying to cross enemy lines? Huh? Huh?

I hereby present a new version of my infamous ‘yawn’ response: