CNN called yet?

They’re preparing a sidebar for their website story on the D.C. sniper. Apparently the feds are pursuing the possibility that “I AM GOD” is a reference to a videogame.

We’d been joking about this yesterday. Not so funny now that they’ve actually phoned up.

Just a heads-up; I know you’ll join me in shitting on this angle.

Since I was too young at the time, I have to ask:

Did the movie Benji ever get connected to David Berkowitz?

Maybe he’s an Alec Baldwin fan? Has CNN phoned you about the Alec Baldwin angle?

Funny thing is Wednesday’s Washington Post did. Malice was shown on a local station the Thursday after the shootings started and one Post writer wondered if the Tarot inscription was a reference to Baldwin’s speech in that movie.

There was also the usual article full of idle speculation, including the possibility that the shooter play sniping video games, is a soldier who doesn’t want to go to Iraq, is an international terrorist, and, most hilariously, a local woman’s suspicion that guy targeted two people at Michael’s Craft Stores “because he hates crafts and crafters.”


Or it could be a Michael’s ex-employee or even management. Michaels is one of those lovely companies that takes insurance policies out on all of its employees - as an investment.

Is CNN going to do a story about how maybe it is CNN’s fault? Since the market penetration for CNN is probably about the same as video games, since they showed the one shot kills of smart bombs over and over during the gulf war, since they feed the ego of any criminal by covering stories like this by non-stop filling in every little piece of bs detail they can just to fill time. Isn’t CNN guilty? Or maybe the history channel and its history of the gun or sniper series?



Oh, oh, oh, I meant to mention this this morning (and I’m sorry if it is in some other thread).

But Good Morning America picked up on the ‘possible’ video game connection by saying certain games used the line, “I am God”!! And then they showed a 15 second clip of freaking POPULOUS!!! I swear it was Populous. It was so freaking stupid its not even funny. To think that of all the literature and movies and plays and tv shows and other forms of freaking mediums in which someone has uttered, “I am God”, you could be so assinine as to pull out a 5 second clip of Populous as the possible source is the DUMBEST THING EVER!

reminds me of The Jerk, where Steve Martin is just sure that the guy shooting hates cans…

No, you fucks, he’s referring to this quote:

“and in today’s news, the “Lawnmower Man” sniper has struck again…”

I dunno. Everytime I play Populous I get this urge to lower the ground in front of my house so it gets smaller. Sometimes these floors are a bitch to clean.


CNN did call the CGM offices, from what I hear.