CNN Mega Debate Thread

12 men and women enter, how many leave?

I vote they just let Elizabeth Warren talk the whole time.


I’ve heard worse ideas.

Usually from Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson.

Ha ha, Tulsi Gabbard carrying water for Trump. She’s such a fucking joke.


Speaking of which, after listening to her impeachment answer Tulsi is full of shit and has no place on this stage.

Tulsi still an impeachment sceptic.

Russian money does that for ya.

Yang doing some really strong hand work.

Beto: impeach Trump or you hate our troops.



I’m kinda already over this clown-car debate. Too many people, not enough time.

The fact that there are more than five people in this debate sucks.

This is the only way I’d watch the debates.

I’m over Pete given his health care ideas and attack on Warren. I don’t get (well, yes I do - they are just being disingenuous and looking for a sound bite to attack someone) why they are all over Warren’s explanation (and her resistance to fall into the questioners trap) - if someone is paying $5000 in health care costs and 0 is taxes today, but then with her plan they have 0 in health care costs and $2500 in taxes, then they are better off. Pretty straight forward.

Candidates: summarize your plan to revolutionize health care in the US in 75 seconds. There will be no rebuttals. Go.

Is it just me, or does Bernie seem a tad slower? He’s still just as fiery, but I’m wondering how much or whether I’m seeing the effect of his heart attack.

And I love how Sanders raises his hand to get the moderators’ attention as if he’s signalling a waiter for the check.


Keep it up folks. The wife is watching CSI. Something about cutting off body parts. Eww.

Heh, Warren cows the moderator.


I was daydreaming about one of the moderators trying to goad the others into blaming Joe Biden for the Ukraine crap, and Warren interrupting to say, “That question is based on lies and is therefore stupid, and you should be ashamed of asking it.”

Someone holler if that happens!

Klobuchar keeps it real: not even the billionaire wants to protect billionaires!