CNN Money's Chris Morris

Just realized I haven’t seen him put out CNN stuff since 2007. What’s he up to anyone know?

Playing WoW.

He’s at Forbes:
At least he was two months ago.
Or wait, he might have moved to CNBC:

Even for a freeware game, I have to admit that “Find Chris Morris” just didn’t live up to its potential.

It could easily be combined with a relaxing game of Whack the Ginger.

He is on the shack threads all the time. I believe he works as a freelancer.

I was a huge fan of his columns and was wondering the same thing recently. Just found out he’s taking over Variety’s game blog:

Color me excited!

So, Chris is the new author of Variety’s Cut Scene blog, replacing Ben Fritz who recently departed for the LA Times.

Is this some kind of forum game? If so, I vote to stake SymbolicFrank.