CNN Pipeline: The Thread

This thread is for those of you who get CNN Pipeline and want to know when something fun is happening, live on one of the pipelines.

Right now there’s a police chase in California.

I will note that one of the pipeline “anchors” looks a lot like a dark-haired Lindsay Lohan.

— Alan

Footage of the chase.

Yeah uh… no. Funny though :)

— Alan

Rather nasty looking accident on “MD: Chesapeake Bay Bridge” according to CNN, not sure exactly where–looks like a 2-lane all one way, but it involves a flatbed, a tanker rig, and several very damaged cars. If you’re commuting, watch out.

Edit: so it’s like a split bridge span with one direction on one and a few hundred feet away is the other.

Edit #2: It’s the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. That was easy.

— Alan

Pipeline is going free, so now you can just watch this stuff on all the time and not have to pay a fee for it.

— Alan