Co-op tells Christian Group "Bank Elsewhere"

Too vocal in their disapproval of Homosexuals for the bank that tries to maintain an “ethical” policy.

The bank said the opinions of Christian Voice were incompatible with its support for diversity

Thats not gonna help much. I personaly hate the group in question but playing thier game will only make them stronger. Besides assuming the group is not being active on the banks grounds, i fail to see the problem. Now if one of thier group came in with a shirt that said something like god hates fags, i could see asking them to leave. i know i would. The all out ban of the account seems a little like the pot calling the kettle black. As much as it pains me to say it, the voice is right on this one.

Do nothing.

Fighting back or showing moral will against ignorance and hate will only increase the strength of the haters.

Not enough details, but sounds like they were booted out for being asses. What’s UK discrimination law look like? Pretty sure this would be legal in the US…

The Co-op wont deal with any dubious organisations, companies, govts etc. Its always been one of its tag lines.

Christian Voice’s press statement

Stephen Green retorted: “Of course we make ‘discriminatory pronouncements on grounds of sexual orientation’. We have been criticising homosexual rights ever since we started eleven years ago…

Paul Monaghan, ‘Head of Sustainable Development’ at the Co-operative Bank, rang Stephen Green to tell him that anyone who regarded homosexual acts as sinful had no place banking with the Co-op at all. “You must have slipped through the net,” he said, “Your website is full of blatant homophobia.”

The Co-op bank, for all its fine words, is discriminating against us on the grounds of conscience and religion, something which the UDHR specifically forbids and which will shortly become illegal in the UK if the Government have their way. For a bank which claims to support the UDHR and to be against discrimination, their attitude towards us is unethical, blatantly discriminatory and nothing short of hypocritical.

[edit]And their scary, scary vision of Britain

So if a Christian group ran a vitriolic campaign against Jews, then it would be discriminating against Christians to refuse to do business with them?

Good for the Co-op bank. I wish more businesses acted on their principles rather than their pocket.

Wow. That sounds like a vision for the Fundemantalist Christian Republic of the United Kingdom.

I smell right-wing American Evangelism at work here. I know born again Christians in the UK, I used to date one, and despite their crazy (to me) ideas on evolution they aren’t big on legalizing guns.

“My Government will … trust the people of the United Kingdom enough to legislate to allow them to hold arms for their self-defence, and for the defence of the realm.”

They also didn’t care much for their god given right to drive cars without taxation, or pulling out of the EU, or the death penalty.

I love their screed on the death penalty.

“A Bill will be introduced to reform the criminal justice system, away from the principle that crimes are committed against the State, and towards restorative justice on the Biblical model. No-one will ever again be convicted or imprisoned in my realm on the evidence of one witness or accuser, but only on the evidence of two or three witnesses. With the knowledge that criminals are soundly convicted, my Government will re-introduce the death penalty as the only way to make restoration in the case of murder, because God made man in His image.”

Yes, because having three witnesses as the minimum for a conviction will make death penalty convictions 100% sound!

And what how does the belief that God made man in his image support the contention that convicted murderers should be put to death?

How many witnesses is a DNA test worth? 2? 2.5?

Very compassionate of them. It encourages the criminals to exercise mercy: they can leave one witness alive and have no fear of being convicted!

I smell right-wing American Evangelism at work here.

Apparently not, the guy lives in, and aparently comes from, Camarthen.

Wow, that’s just low

Maggie’s is committed to providing cancer support and information for everyone affected by cancer through our growing network of cancer centres across the UK. We are a non-religious organisation, with no affiliation to any religious or political group. Our goal is to provide support for people affected by cancer, whatever their background or beliefs may be.

Jerry Springer the Opera offered Maggie’s a donation of £10 per ticket sold for the matinee performance of the show on 18th February, 2005. This amounted to £3,000.

The day before the performance, we were contacted by Christian Voice, the organisation that lobbied against the BBC. They told us that if we accepted the donation we would cause offence and that they would take action against us, effectively blocking our ability to work. They said that they would picket our centres, send out a press release deploring our action and email their 50,000 members. We felt that these actions would have prevented us from being able to function effectively. We also came under similar pressure from a second organization, UK Life League.

That’s what he says. They seem quite keen to disassociate themselves from any American connections, I guess because of the negative view that American Evangelism has in the UK. I think they may protest too much…

Does UK law require certain businesses to take all customers? Honest quesiton. Because in the US pretty much any business can tell any customer to get the fuck out, more or less.

Not that I’m aware of though whether there is a caveat for something like banking because you are pretty screwed without a bank account these days, I’m not sure, but they do make it clear you have a code of conduct that you must follow as a Co-op customer whether business or personal.

With regards to Co-op, it sells it’s banking on the basis that you can be pretty safe that they aren’t going to use your money to bankroll a strip mining venture or finance loans to 3rd world countries at silly rates of interest and so on and has a pretty tight ethical policy.

Christian Voice are choosing to interpret this as discrimination against them on the grounds that they are Christians rather than homophobic fuckwits and are trying to claim that the “Incitement to religious hatred” laws that Labour are trying to bring in would have stopped the Co-op from telling them where to go.

This is the Law that has Rowan Atkinson and some of the Pythons up in arms at the moment as it could conceivably be interpreted that something along the lines of, say, Life of Brian could fall foul of it. Labour insist that it is not supposed to be a universal gagging order to prevent people criticising, lampooning, satirising etc Religion, just to stop fuckwits like the BNP telling people that Muslims are evil and need a good kicking.

Given Christian voice’s opinion of Hinduism, its interesting that he believes this is a law that would protect him in this instance rather than be used against him just on the basis of some of the crap that is on the website.

To be perfectly honest it looks like a standard “they all hate Christians and are out to get us” rant from a person who just can’t believe that someone might possibly think it unacceptable to hate homosexuals because the good book says you should, even when the bank in question has been open in it’s support of the gay community in the uk (which kind of begs the question as to why he was banking with them in the first place).

Fundamentalist groups are always ranting about their God-given right to be offended at everything and and always cry “presecution” by atheists/hedonists/gays/Jews if that right is even remotely challenged. Call them out on their bullshit, and they will act all astonished their views aren’t being condoned even while though they’re wrapped up in the foils of religion, which can obviously do no wrong. In the States, the First Amendment can only go their way for these people.

I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were laws that forbade businesses from refusing to serve customers simply because of their race, especially banks, bars, taxis, buses, etc. that serve the public at large.