No, not that cocaine bear. OK, maybe that cocaine bear. But actually, it seems that Elizabeth Banks has signed on to tell the true story! of how 75 pounds of cocaine ended up in the Chattahoochee National Park in Georgia after being dumped by a panicky solo pilot/smuggler. Might be interesting!

Hm, the setup sounds like the plot for season four of Justified (except Knoxville is directly involved rather than tangentially).

But it gave rise to this Twitter thread so it’s already worth it:

She’s the director?

Elizabeth Banks is directing, yes.

Alright, maybe Cocaine Bear is the movie she needs to jumpstart her directing career, looking at her IMDB lots of great acting roles, directing apparently much less so.

I am in for Cocaine Bear. And I am sharing this just because I love it!

Will the bear open a restaurant called Bear Essentials?

Cocaine Bear is getting Margo Martindale and that red-haired dude from Game of Thrones!

I can’t see the premise of cocaine bear without remembering how much I loved The Young Offenders:

Yes! Exactly that, except instead of a couple of Irish teens, it’s a bear.

edit: also I know I’ve heard that ‘where’s me jumper’ song before, was it the song used in Moone Boy?

But if you cut the dopey Irish teens out of the move, there will be no heart, and there will be nothing left!

And yes, wikipedia says you’re correct about Moone Boy.

We’ve got a release date!

Loving the poster.


I either fucking loved that or I fucking hated it and I honest to Crom can’t tell which one is true. Both?

I haven’t seen the Cocaine Bear trailer – and won’t until after I’ve seen the movie – but if you want to know what kind of movie Elizabeth Banks will make, check out Pitch Perfect 2 and the Charlie’s Angels from a couple of years ago. Not that I would recommend either one – I think she’s a terrible director – but they might temper your expectations for whatever this thing is going to be. : )

Is Keri Russel reprising her role from The Americans? Her makeup/outfit look almost like the sort of stuff she was always wearing in that show.

It’s exactly what you’re supposed to do with the cocaine bear story, but that doesn’t necessarily make for good theater. I’m in.

This feels like Snakes on a Plane all over again.

I wasn’t planning to post it but I admit I am kind of thinking the same thing. Heck I made the thread and was highly amused at the idea of the thing. But now that it’s actually made and going to be screened in kind of getting that Snakes on a Plane feeling and I’m a little nervous about watching this. I’d hate to hate it.