CoD: Warzone

It’s here. Activisions F2P take on Battle Royal. 150 player maps and cross platform, single/duo/trio modes. Also an interesting way to come back after death.

Purchasing revives is not the only way to bring back dead squaddies; when you die you reportedly are taken to the gulag, where you must compete in a 1v1 match that is essentially Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode (the map used in the video is even Gunfight’s Gulag map). Winning this 1v1 will throw you back into the match. Apparently this feature won’t be available in the later minutes of a match.

The Blackout mode in Black Ops 4 was slick and really quite good. It filled a neat spot between PUBG and Fortnite.

F2P version of that will get played hard.

So looks like they’re pulling a Apex style launch. Game will launch tomorrow morning.

You do not need to own the full version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to download, play and enjoy Warzone. Call of Duty: Warzone is free for everyone.

Upon your first elimination, you will be taken as a “Prisoner of Warzone” and thrown into the Gulag. There you will await your fate and watch other prisoners fight to the death. When your turn is up, you’ll enter the Gulag and face-off against a single opponent in a 1v1 to earn the ultimate reward - redeployment. Win in the Gulag and earn redeployment back into Verdansk. Lose and hope that your squad completes Contracts and earns enough in-match Cash to redploy you.

There are no level caps in Warzone

Impressions here:

Wow a huge new map, not the BLOPS 4 map. Very nice.

Plus I’m assuming this one will have guns that are familiar to everyone. I hadn’t played the BLOPS games yet, so any time I picked up a gun, it was a complete gamble on what that gun would do. I’d usually try to snipe players with it before I figured out it’s not a long range weapon.

Some neat ideas here. If you get killed, you go to a place called the gulag and face off against someone else in 1v1 gunfight to win your way back into the game. Your squad can also buy a revive.

Keep in mind that this number includes millions of people that already owned Modern Warfare, so it was near frictionless to try out a new mode.

And it only costs everyone else 80+ gb of downloading to play :)

I tried this morning around 5:30 PST as I could not sleep from some annoying medication. One try. Died and went to the Gulag and surprisingly killed the other guy and was instantly flying back down to the map…thought the parachute would open auto like it does in so many other games…oops…splat.

Will play more though…then, wont.

I think Warzone falls short of Apex and Pubg as a pure battle royale. The ping button being up on the D-pad is awful. Way less useful than in Apex. The plunder mode is fun to get in and mess around. You respawn after death and you can solo queue so you don’t have to worry about teammates if you want to explore.

The ping is awkard but I like the other aspects. The 1v1 gulag fight to come back is a fun twist, and the weapons just being different quality grades like Fornite without dealing with attachments is nice. I’d put Apex above this for now but not PUBG which I personally find tedious and clunky.

This feels half baked, gulag is fun though. but otherwise fortnite clone really.

This is nothing like Fornite. Stop the bad attempt at trolling.


Coloured guns, weapons handling? There is more than just building stuff …

Okay man. You do you. If you think this plays like Fortnite have fun tilting at that windmill.

I was up in the airport tower last night in a match. A cargo crate dropped in full view of my position. A vehicle came up and the player sat in the vehicle a bit away from the drop, I assume assessing the situation. Unfortunately for them, I was directly above them so shot a rocket and destroyed the vehicle and dropped a few grenades just to be safe. Then, I was so excited for the crate, I flew down to the crate, opened the crate and checked out my options for way too long (have not really looked at my loadouts yet). While doing this, the stupid Sarin gas went by me and instead of jumping in another vehicle that was close and outrunning the gas, I tried to out RUN the gas and I had to run around a bit to get out of the death zone…nope, dead. Cause of my greed. Died of course in the gulag to someone probably using a mouse and KB. My kid told me he had no desire to play this but he watched the match and said he’d install it today…it’s a fun “fortnight” clone. ;-)

Is this squad based like Apex or solo? Or either I guess? I downloaded it but haven’t had time to play. But if it’s only squad based I may not mess with it.

Solo, duo or trios.