CoD: Warzone

Oh boy, a new sniper rifle.

I’m pretty bored with Warzone at this point. My friends can play it by themselves.

I still love the game. 200+ players will make it that much more interesting and difficult to succeed, so that’s cool. A new multiplayer map is good too. I’ve been really happy with those additions lately. The one with the trenches for Gunfight is amazing.

On the other hand, the way they’ve promoted this season has really unnerved me.

The spotter scope seems cool. I hope there are some weapon balance changes though, as it gets old seeing everybody running the Grau/MP5 loadout.

Dave, are you comparing darkening your face for a covert military mission to be the same as imitating a black person? The former is SOP and I don’t think even the world’s most woke person have any issues with it, while the latter is incredibly racist. And the image above is definitely in the former group.

And yet I’m not the only one who thought exactly what I posted because they went with that image the day after the Black Lives Matter screen went away.

Every single person I know who plays the game commented on them going with the black face image loading screen as bad taste when it went up after they delayed the season. I don’t think that it’s a horrible problem but it really undermines their previous statements.

It’s the new operator Roze, who is now in the game as well (under Allegiance -> Jackals).

Geez its called freaking camouflage. Keep the SJW crap in the cesspool of P&R forum.

Both the Grau and the MP5 are getting changes. I think both are losing some damage at range and the Grau has more recoil in general and less recoil compensation from the two most popular barrels.

Yeah, I saw that. The MP5 was used close range with 9mm in Warzone, so it will still be the weapon of choice there. But it’s definitely a nerf in regular mp where the 10mm rounds was more used. Basically, in Warzone you want the larger magazine because of the armor and (outside solos) being able to engage more players at the same time.

But the snipers were buffed so maybe we’re back to the HDR/M4A1 combo. Not sure what would replace the Grau for longer automatic battles if you want to continue using an AR/SMG, but maybe the M13 since it’s still a laser.

Edit: on the other hand, I’m watching someone streaming now, and he says he can barely notice any recoil changes to the Grau. So I guess it depends how much the range damage has been nerfed. But it still seems to be extremely powerful.


To be fair, it’s nothing dramatic, but I just don’t understand why buff at all? I mean, I’d rather nerf the HDR since it’s basically a hit scan weapon, even at long ranges. So nailing headshots with it is super easy, and that makes the semi-automatic marksman rifles pretty much useless in comparison.

Any buff is gonna make me go ugh. See above in the thread where I express my firmly held opinion that every (multiplayer) game ever should have all sniper weapons removed, period.

Warzone knows what day it is. Tomorrow.

The vehicle horn is the hockey goal sound.

Should just be called Canaday. At first I thought it was like the fortieth anniversary of Strange Brew or something.

You guys goin’ out fer a rip?

Two things regarding the update.

One: I seem to be having issues mounting on some places now. Not sure that’s an intentional change.

Two: Roze’s paint is now green, because blackface was clearly nbd. 🙄

Sadly, the so-called nerfs to the Grau/MP5 loadout look more and more like wet farts. Yeah, there’s a slight damage range reduction and slightly more recoil, but in practice you don’t really notice it.

Man, the shaders thing is just the worst.

Man, they put snipers in gulag? What a dumb idea. I didn’t get anything else the three times I was put in there.

No idea why their game has to do that repeatedly. I’ve never played any other game which does that.