CoD: Warzone

Yeah, the Gulag is even better in Duos/Trios/Quads because you can fight your way out while your teammates fight on in the map. You can also end up in the same Gulag as them and they can spot for you overwatching the Gulag on the catwalks above.

There is also an option to be respawned in by your team at Buy Stations if you fail to survive the Gulag. With a measly $4000 they can put you back in the game.

There’s a LOT more to learn, but this is the BR to play right now IMO. Apex is still just as good, but also has a higher skill floor IMO, and Apex has a real issue with third party assaults that Warzone doesn’t seem to have nearly as often.

Getting your Loadout is crucial to long term success in the game. I highly recommend setting up a few. If you want advice on that, lmk and I’ll give you some n00b setups that you should try to level up. The easiest way to level guns without owning Cold War or Modern Warfare is to play Plunder, grab a chopper off the jump, and fly around completing Supply Run contracts with the gun in your hand.

If you really want a speedy Battle Royale experience, queue up for either of the Rebirth modes with randoms. You can mute them if you’re not into chatting, but it’s a way faster experience because the map is much smaller. The player count is lower too, but you can learn a LOT playing Rebirth.

I like the gulag feature overall but despise when it is snipers only and generally just dont play warzone when that cycle hits

I ended up uninstalling CoD, because it seemed pretty much guaranteed to crash during a round on my system. For some reason it and my 2080 did not like each other.

The big Season 2 update is here. ZOMBIES!

I’ll be playing tonight.

Milestone in Warzone Battle Royale for me last night… 40th win. This one came in Duos.

If you watch, see if you can spot the guy I totally whiffed on seeing while he climbs a ladder.

so this new event, i dunno what it’s called, but its pretty neat. I’ve been pretty luke-warm about the new, old, verdansk, but adding in a faithful rendition of Nakatomi tower was pretty amazing. I haven’t even explored the whole thing yet, but even little details like the Nakatomi bridge model (and that desk mcclane shoots through) are here. The building is huge, with multiple access points and is a great place to fight. It’s a pity they dont have more buildings like this…not just in this game, but like, all games.

Apparently there’s a bug on PlayStation that resets your settings. I’ll probably wait to try this until they fix that. I don’t want to go through that every time I start it up.

Three straight Rebirth Island Resurgence Quads wins last night. The middle win was as a Trio too. I feel like I’m pretty good at the warcrimes. This is the second time we pulled this off although we had a complete Quad the last time with my son also joining us for two of those.

Game three is my best. Game one was my first of the night and pretty smelly. Running on PC with the 3080 @1440p. Recorded via GeForce Experience.

It remains the only one of these where I’ve managed zero wins.

Maaaaan… Rebirth wins are definitely not standard wins. I only have 46 wins on the big map in all of Solo, Duo, Trio and Quads in like a year and a half but have 31 already on Rebirth Island. I wish we could’ve gotten you one while you played with us. You’re welcome any time!

I’ll be out of town for a week but plan to be back for Season 5 next week. We can definitely get you on the board in Resurgence on Rebirth Island!

Came up against a squad of streamers/esports players last night. Unfortunately I didn’t save the video, but I did finish second to them with my squad of random players. Two of these guys played in Twitch Rivals tournaments among others.

Definitely worth looking at the insane number of kills they had compared to us (and I thought we did well tbh). That was despite losing a player about halfway through the match and having to roll with three.

Whenever you come up against a buzzsaw like that it’s questionable if they’re cheating or not (and some suspect the one guy… he actually popped up in a cheater report on one of the web sites) but in this case I think it was just a case of being in the wrong lobby at the wrong time.

Very excited for this. It arrives tomorrow.

Basically, TTK is much longer because you have more health. No Loadout drops. You have to earn that, and it’s more expensive than normal. Even then, loadouts will have to be changed to accommodate the longer TTK. You might need an entire clip to take someone down with a MAC-10 for example. Can you even afford to run a sniper if that’s the case? You might be better off with an AR or LMG you can swap to so you can take on their teammate who is likely to still be standing.

I’m sure it’ll be sweaty, but I’ve built up a lot of evasion skills over the last year and a half that often if I had just that little bit more health would allow me to survive and escape to reset a fight. I think that’s going to be handy in this mode.

While they’re saying it’s for “Tier One Operators of the highest caliber”, I think it’s going to be good for middling to low level players too. Longer TTK should keep some people standing up longer than normal.

Iron Trials '84 is a damn good addition to the game. For those of you who have played and still play, you definitely need to give this mode a try. I’m around most evenings from 7PM to 12AM Eastern if anyone wants to give it a run and needs a partner for a Duo.

Essentially, it rewards accuracy and it makes each individual encounter more of a serious gunfight than what feels like a one bullet takedown. Snipers are still somewhat viable, but you have to team shoot people or get multiple hits in quick succession, which again rewards accuracy and skill. I wasn’t afraid to take people on with a rifle with less cover than normal because I knew I could get the health/plates (if I had them) back if I won the fight or did enough damage to drive them off.

It’s getting a lot of positives from the streamers as they’ve asked for some of these changes for awhile now (no Dead Silence and no Stopping Power being big changes constantly requested) and while I’m not anywhere near that level, I think I’m close enough to understand why these changes resonate.

It really feels like a different Battle Royale game when you play Iron Trials.

Ya, i’m enjoying trials too, hope it sticks around.

Clash is trash though - played one round of it, and it felt like about 12 minutes too long.

Like Plunder before it, it’s really just a way for the free players to level weapons. I really only do the BR modes anymore. I like that Clash is at least focused on shooting other folks.

Iron Trials '84 is just plain awesome.

I had my best game last night in probably any mode. The lobby had an average of .71 KD which is mostly average to bad players although I was the 11th best player by KD so not the top guy at all. Unfortunately, despite putting out 10k damage and killing 14 players in the lobby, my teammate and I ended up third.

I like to rewatch games like this to try to improve for the next time and there are a number of mistakes I made at the end, one sort of unforced, that ultimately caused my demise.

The unforced one was accidentally picking up a different gun in a massive loot pile on the steps inside a Howard Johnson’s/IHOP late in the game. That lost MP5 got me really upset and flustered, which is on me. It also cost me ticks on my gas mask. After I literally told myself to relax, I just plain played the final circle wrong. I was “safe” and took a poor route as the final circle moved and got exposed from behind. I have no idea how that guy was in the gas so effing long, but getting shot in the back ended me.

I also made another error there because I didn’t use my remaining cash to either A) bring back my teammate so he could float in above the final group and possibly score a victory as people succumbed to the gas or B) bought a Cluster or Airstrike to destroy everyone moving into that final circle by leaving them nowhere to hide. Either of those options would have raised the percentage chance of victory by quite a bit. *sigh*

Still, that’s streamer quality kills and damage in a mode that supposedly rewards high skill play so I feel pretty good about it. If you’re wondering how the game plays in Iron Trials, this video has a ton of good gunfights in it that show how much more survivability you have now. Little bit of bad language along the way of course. :)

Here’s the CoDTracker recap of the match…

Excellent match! Please keep posting your streams, I enjoy watching them.

I’d love to try out Iron Trials, but unfortunately my gaming buddy isn’t a big fan of Warzone and I don’t like playing with randos. I’m hoping they’ll eventually throw in a solo mode for IT so I can try it out, too.

Not a big fan of the Numbers event challenge going on right now, though. The rewards were meaningless and too easy to achieve, while the “broadcast” you hear when close to a tower is far too loud and plays for way too long. I suppose you could camp near a tower and pick off opponents while they can’t hear you, but that’s not my style…

Thanks for the kind words!

I queued up for IT’84 with a random this evening and got the dub! I was streaming at the time. Since this guy hadn’t played the mode, I had to do a lot of tutorialing as we played. This was on PC with the 3080. I had graphics turned up for the most part so FPS was around 80-100 at 1440p. Framecounter is on and video is at 60fps. Also, some Rambo action with the bow in this one. :D

The Numbers is cool from a spy stuff/Adler’s turned perspective, but it was easy to complete, which really doesn’t bug me too much. Keystone Kapers is a great reward in Cold War too!

I’m so stoked I got the win and it wasn’t just him taking me to the win either. He had a higher KD than me but I definitely held my own. I’m back to 1.12KD overall and my seven day is a stout 1.53KD. Pretty damn proud of that.