CoD: Warzone

Yeah, I expected that was the route they’d take when Valorant shipped with similar protection. I’m all for it if it puts an end to this stuff. It really is maddening when you *know* you lost to a cheater, especially if you’re on console.

Hopefully it doesn’t create new attack vectors for PCs themselves.

The Haunting has begun. I played a couple matches last night. It’s a bit more streamlined than last year’s Zombie Royale. The new safety zones are a neat addition as is the “Fear Meter” which really does mess with you in a bit of an Eternal Darkness kind of way if you let it reach the max. Make sure you take your favorite shotgun and that you have time to reload it if things get hairy…

I haven’t tried the Cold War stuff yet. Probs tonight after Sixers.

Also, this game is from last night. It starts slow so scrub your way in until you see the kill counter go up. It’s pretty good from there until it… isn’t. Lots of stuff to take away from this 11 kill game and the top thing is to never get complacent. I let my guard down for a second at the end and WHAP! Dead. I complained about the hard scoping, and the dude paid for it by losing, but with four players left including me, I have to be smarter. Before that happens, I hit some quality snipes and really show off the power of the Milano SMG. One guy is clearly befuddled late in the game. There is some EXCELLENT Death Chat in this one too. Still my favorite thing in all the CoD games. Should be a staple of any multiplayer shooter these days. So much fun to hear the lamentations of the defeated (and I’m sure hearing mine when I go down…).

Great run you guys had, fun vid to watch!

Thanks! I post them somewhat regularly on YouTube. I’ve actually got one with two of the best snipes I’ve ever hit that I’ll put up this week. I stream from time to time too. DaveLong on Twitch.

Here’s a fun win from Friday night. For those of you who say, “I have no Loadouts! You can’t win!”, this says otherwise. We never get one in the entire fifteen minute Rebirth Island Resurgence match. The gas running at the end is bonkers. Gotta know the map.

At the 1:08 mark when you switch guns and accidentally throw a grenade - nice to see we have similar playstyles!

Played my first few rounds of The Haunting Saturday night and had a lot of fun. Those jump scares are legit scary!

Playing as a solo was tough, but I actually wound up getting insanely lucky and won a game. 2 teams left in the final circle as a 2v1 with about 20 ghosts closing in. I had two souls and was looking for a third when one of the 2 went down. I rushed in and grabbed the soul quick like a bunny, and the instant I rezzed I got the win. I assume one of the remaining players killed the other and the ghosts got the second. I just floated in the air, laughing my ass off.

Quality win!

Ha! That’s a great win! Stealing one is as much fun as legit wrecking balling people for the entire match. :)

As for that grenade throw, that was a rare miscue tbh! I had played and streamed a lot of Battlefield 1 the night before on the fifth anniversary if its release so my brain and fingers were all messed up.

We got two Rebirth wins in a row tonight. Video is processing right now. Will post tomorrow. One is over 20 kills for the team and one that shows persistence is key while the second has a super late revive that helps seal the deal. Good times

Double wins video. One “great” bit of death chat. I still get a chuckle when people do that. Guess what, buddy… you’re dead!

You’ll hear it inside, but man, you win on Rebirth Island, you’re playing again. Don’t even come at me with that, “Imma go golf” BS. You keep going til you LOSE. It’s fifteen minutes or less of your life you have to give. After the second win, we wiped in less than a minute. :)

Couple tactics things… so frustrating when you can’t kill a team all at once. I think I waxed one dude at least four times in this game. He just kept resurging at the right time to eat more bullets. Easy to see how I ended up with 11 kills in game one that way. Gotta get the Team Wiped in Resurgence.

Cannot stress enough for people who play this game or are new to learn the map. In all the recent games I’ve posted, I think my map knowledge helped me win the games. In these, the detour through the bottom of Decon Zone over to Chemical Engineering was the game winning move alongside the fact I knew I could climb up the wall at that one spot outside Chemical to get to the helicopter pad the zone was headed towards. Once I won the fight with the guy up there, I knew I had the win, but also because the other player didn’t know there was a mantle spot there so he ran all the way around the wall under the water tower to try to make it to zone. He had no chance. Firing squad. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

In game two, Nate comments about forgetting you can get into HQ the way I go up the boxes and through the window. On Rebirth Island, there are all kinds of little shortcuts like that. You really need to know as many as you can, because the element of surprise is enormous when the fighting is close quarters, especially if your gun has a slightly slower TTK than the other guy. The Milano serves me really well throughout these games. It’s just so good at that short-mid range where ARs are a little weaker much of the time and the quick TTK SMGs are not as accurate.

Anyway, these were fun. We went to regular BR and did OK afterward. Here’s the two games statistically…

Notable… I was the best player in both games by KD. We really should have won those games. SBMM is like that. It gives you layups sometimes. The third Resurgence game I was the 6th best player in the lobby. And as soon as we moved to regular BR, SBMM put us in a lobby where I was the 23rd best by KD. I find that in general Resurgence is way more lenient with the matchmaking than it is in regular BR. Could be due to the number of players choosing each mode? I dunno.

I was not having a great night in Warzone, but I got my 48th win. I’d really love to get to 50 before Verdansk goes away. It’s probably a tall order. The road map for the next month does have some good Iron Trials stuff coming so it might be there that I pull it off. Either way, this game is worth a watch for the re-gaming aspect of it. Complete early team wipe. Two gulag winners. Loadout in the boonies for a restart. I hit a snipe in there, but mostly I’m just a spotter in this one.

Win number 49… in Iron Trials! Absolutely LOVE the IT’84 mode. I really hope that Warzone: Pacific adopts the same TTK as Iron Trials. It gives you just enough survivability that you can evac from a medium/long range fight but at the same time with scarcer ammo and plates, it also means that killing people is the best way to acquire gear. It’s soooo much more balanced than the standard BR.

This particular game I went 10-0 with one down right at the start of the match in a Magnum duel. Brought my teammate back relatively early in the match but as with many IT’84 matches, we never got a loadout, so surviving using other people’s weapons and ground loot was crucial. Some really good fights in here, especially the first one at Stadium. “Who the bleep is this guy?” totally cracked me up toward the end.

We had finished second in the match before this one and I had more kills in that one. (11 I think… will be posting that one too) This really puts 50 wins in Verdansk on the map for me in the next month. Would really like to get to that milestone before it goes away now.

Verdansk is going to be history soon.

This new event looks really cool. Quads only for now, but includes pretty much everything they’ve thrown in over the last year and a half of Warzone. Current map, but with lots of events throughout every match.

December 8.

Also, my quest for 50 ended last night! For some reason, the video has no sound. I was having a lot of issues with video editing last night and it definitely screwed this one up. I need a better video editor than the built in Microsoft crap on PC. EDIT: New video in place below but now you can’t hear me! Ugh. Anyway… it at least has sound.

Here’s the payoff for a year and a half of Warzone. 10 kills, and a limited edition Calling Card for win 5-0! Nakatomi Vault break-in is around 8:13. It was much better with sound as it plays the music just like in Die Hard. Cracked me up.

SBMM definitely gave me a gimme for this one… sort by KD after clicking the Players button. heh.

Is there no sound in your video, or is that just on my end?

No sound. Something was effed up. I was getting a common error from Windows where it says “It looks like you don’t have permission to edit this file” or something like that and had to re-create it in a new project. I’ll re-upload later.

I fixed the video that had no sound and added that in place of the other one above. However, it was a good night again! Matched with another quality rando in Spill-X who told us he’s all about the action! So action it ended up being as we took another Dub. Number 51 now in Verdansk for me!

In less than two hours, Warzone will return in the Pacific. Last night, in the final couple hours of Verdansk, we snagged a win in the excellent Last Hours of Verdansk Limited Time Mode. Not my best game personally, but a win is a win.

One thing I really enjoyed with this mode was that it wasn’t just about getting to the final ring and eliminating the enemy team. You could also succeed by capturing the final bunker. We almost pulled that off in a game 24 hours earlier but instead finished second. This time we eliminated all resistance. This mode was easily one of the best events they did in the last 20 months.

@tomchick, we talked about player movement in 2042 and I noted Warzone’s was probably the best of them all. Check out this or any of the other vids above. I think it shows off nicely just how good this engine is when it comes to that. Also, the snappy gunplay is a bit better than 2042 too, although I really think 2042 starts to come to life with a leveled up weapon.

Pacific has its problems, including one nasty one that got me early on with texture streaming on PS5, but once the game was able to get everything downloaded while playing and failing to finish a match, the rest of the night went well. Well in the sense that the game played perfectly but we could not find a win.

We did however have this match where I damn near took out two guys when left with only a hip fired KaR98k to defend myself. If you haven’t seen the Pacific map and weapon set in use yet, here you go!

Compared to BF2042, the level of detail in this map is astounding. Obviously they only have to make one of them, but still, it’s just loaded with places to go and things to see and every one of those places is riddled with pockets of space to get lost in as well as tons of cover to use to stay alive. Verdansk had this too, but Pacific is on steroids. Also, the planes are cool! Unfortunately they don’t seem to have a way for you to set those to inverted controls which meant I simply could not fly without effing up. Coming in a patch presumably.

I tried pacific last night and i bounced off it pretty hard. Strong flavors of pubg island mixed with shitastic weapons. And the whole thing with modern guns/loadouts sharing the space with vanguard gun loadouts, who the fuck thought that was a good idea? It’s like WW2 guns! Except its not. Might as well be wizards in camo casting spells

I dunno, maybe that means i’m just tired of cod warzone. Can’t say i’ll miss its everyday patching…

I never really played a lot of PUBG so I don’t have the hate for that setting a lot of people seem to have.

They apparently are doing some major gun balancing that I think went out in a patch today?

I like the Vanguard weapons a lot so I’m sure I’ll play those WWII restricted modes a bunch.