CoD: Warzone

Hopefully they will be adding other modes, but last I checked it was 3 man squads though you can choose to play with fewer and “Not Fill”.

Which is probably fine to goof off or explore, but you won’t be able to do anything. Even if you are Superman you’d still lose a majority of 1v2 fights let alone against a full team. Being double peeked is basically instant death.

Infinity Ward’s Patrick Kelly said they are fooling around with quad teams and upping the map pop to 200.

How is the map? Is it as gorgeous as it looks in the trailers?

Pretty much.

It’s really well done and there are some small things that need attention, but it’s overall very impressive.

The map is nice. Lots of places to find loot and little things you can do to gain money to buy loadouts…I’d rather keep the pop at 150 or less…need time to do those side “missions”

So solo, and duo aren’t separate games from trios?

Well, this is the first game I’ve tried that won’t even load due to specs. I have a 1060 video card, but it only has 6Gig of ram. This needs 8 and won’t even load without it. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll upgrade in the next few months.


Weird. Runs on my Radeon 480 with 4GB of VRAM no problem.

I got the 6 gb 1060 works smooth, however if you got less than 12 gb regular memory you might suffer, because it starts swapping to hard drive which slows shit down. Also update drivers.

I get a pop up that says my graphics card isn’t enough. Then it won’t let me even try to play. I have 16 GIg of ram in my machine so that should let be an issue.

Oh my god. If both prisoners in the Gulag fight let the match hit overtime and don’t capture the flag, they both get to respawn.

So Prisoner’s dilemma?

I finally tried this yesterday and I’m super impressed. It retains the excellent gunplay of Modern Warfare while putting all that in a much more “play soldier”-like wrapper. I think Apex Legends is still the better game, but this is definitely something I will play a lot of because it adds some elements I really like.

The best thing about Battle Royale is that you are totally free to do what you want while navigating to the game’s simple and achievable goal, be the last team standing. I like that Warzone’s pace allows you to think a little bit before making your next moves on the map while at the same time making combat relatively fast paced, exciting and definitely visceral. In Apex Legends, you have to think and play at the pace of Quake, while Warzone slows that down to somewhere around Fortnite’s level of action/inaction.

I also adore the Contracts. They’re a superb addition to Battle Royale because there’s no penalty for taking them, but there are significant rewards for doing so! I was playing with a person who didn’t really know what they were doing and another dude who had definitely played a little bit of BR before. We picked up a contract on a dude right after gearing up, all hopped in an SUV, and went off to make some cash. The subsequent stop 50m from where that player was located and hunt for him was a friggin’ blast. It was a mission within the mission, and the money came in handy later to buy back some teammates who had fallen.

Cash is awesome, and another thing I really like because you can find it lying around, but you can also more importantly loot it from people you kill. I left a fat sack of like $11k for a team that got the drop on us last night. It adds a level of bounty on players that goes beyond the usual equipment pickups. What’s important about that is it adds another decision for the team to make because you can spend it on gear or you can hoard it for more buybacks of dead people later.

Warzone does an excellent job of making you make decisions. It also gives you enough time to think about them a little bit, debate them with your squad, and then attempt to implement them. You just don’t find this level of thought in many first person shooters. Even Battlefield, which you’d think SHOULD have more thought put into strategy and tactics, ultimately devolves into people flinging themselves at one another or a capture point because death doesn’t mean anything more than a respawn. In Warzone, even with the Gulag to get you back, you sure as heck don’t want to die if you want to win.

There are some minor performance issues and it’s a little rough in spots. The pinging needs to be better, but I’m lucky in that I got the Back Button Attachment for the PS4 controller so I’ve got pings on there and not the d-pad. That thing was the best investment I have ever made for a controller add-on. I’m also especially happy to say that Cross Play is excellent in this mode. I was playing with PS4, Xbox and PC players last night and it was a seamless blast. I definitely do not feel disadvantaged with the controller, even in sniper fights. There is just so much cover on this map, and that’s hugely different from Apex where most fights provide almost zero beyond a rock or building to hide behind. Oh! Doors could use some work. Apex’s doors are the greatest doors ever.

Anyway, I’ll be playing this. You get free CoD Points with Modern Warfare and I never spent them so I got the Battle Pass with them. I’m already almost halfway to enough to buy the next one. I really like the blueprints for new guns and you can earn them in the pass. Impressed so far! I haven’t won yet so didn’t get my film quality escape, but it’s only a matter of time I think. That’s a really cool victory animation. :)

They just added solos today.

Thanks for the detailed report Dave. I really appreciate it.

I was to dumb to get this to install.

No problem. I was playing on stream last night when this game happened. I stayed with it until someone won the game but I lasted quite awhile despite my one teammate leaving to make dinner (!) when I fought my way out of the Gulag and the other guy quit. The fight I won at the airport tower is epic and why I absolutely love Battle Royale games. You can’t get that kind of crazy stuff in any other game mode IMO.

Haha… on rewatch, the dude who gunned me down to start the game is the first guy I took down on the airstrip. :D

@Shieldwolf, have you tried this yet?!

Downloaded but hadn’t tried it till I read this. I’m not entirely sold on it (think I just need to play it more to get the controls down). Still, I like the gulag the weapons feel good and I the fire fights were fun. It kind of feels like your fortnite for adults. That said, There’s something I like about the simplicity and story telling of Apex. It’s not over complicated with weapons and perks etc. Trying to figure out the perks on the fly is not a good idea, but I would definitely play again.

I got my first, and so far only, win in Warzone last night. I did it with a fellow I met while playing Apex and we actually pulled it off as a duo. This was very hard to do and the satisfaction of winning a Warzone match is way up there. There’s a lot of positioning stuff at the start, maybe helpful if you’re playing and trying to get a win. I thought I was streaming at the time but I had turned it off when I quit playing Apex to play Warzone and forgot to turn it back on so I only got the last 15 minutes via the PlayStation share feature.

Also, it says colors can be funky due to me playing with HDR on the Pro.

Oh yeah, the watch is correct. Not quiet quarter to three when I was playing. :)