CoD:WW Zombie Mode

So I posted in the CoD thread and not sure how many people really noticed. Wasn’t really interested in the game but this mode looks very very cool. In some ways there are aspects to it that I find potentially more appealing than Left4Dead. The mode looks to be basically a wave defense type game, but it has a Counter-Strike economy thrown on top of it so you can buy new weapons as the games goes on but more importantly you can use that money to reinforce your barricades.

Heres some video.

Yeah i saw the video linked on Kotaku (i think). Looked like a cool premise, especially that you could build up the barriers as the zombies broke them down.

Oh my god, that looks amazing.

We been playing that in office, it’s really fun with 4 players co-op.

I think our record is 26 waves survived, I heard QA guys got more.

co-op? Sold.

that looks freakin WILD, I can’t wait to play with my friends

So why can’t they just implement bots already? Why?

Because zombies lumber at you, while perhaps a team of squaddies with a variety of guns would be harder (not impossible, just not worth the trouble) to program?