Codecs for Vista

So with the new Xbox Update I want to try it out, but nothing is working.

Recently I’ve had a lot of error messages in Vista when trying to watch movies. Lots of ‘com surrogate stop working’ and lots of MEdia Player freezing up. It all seem to stem from ffdshow.
So I’m bound to uinstall that and whatever codec pack installed it and my question is - which codec packs has the ones I need to watch downloaded shows (yeah, I download them - I also pay for the cable network carrying them here… I just don’t want to wait 6 months) and will play nice with Vista.

The CCCP pack (department of redundancy department) is the common grab-bag of codecs. It exists on my machine without troubles, but then again so does ffdshow.

After you get things uninstalled and back to clean slate, it’s probably worth grabbing one of the later versions of ffdshow and reinstalling; it tends to have new builds semi-regularly.

“Com Surrogate Stopped Working” is usually typical of a Vista machine with an incompatible version of Nero 7 loaded. Try uninstalling Nero (if you have it) or update to the latest version.