Codemasters suing NetDevil for failure to complete Jumpgate Evolution


Was really looking forward to it as well. Hopefully I still am looking forward to something…

I’d be happy with Jumpgate Intelligent Design.

Can I sue them too? Been waiting on the game for years.


I have no idea what they think they’re waiting for.

However, I also have no particular confidence in them being able to implement a sensible game design. Jumpgate (original) was all sorts of potential coolness that kept slamming into a brick wall of mindless endless grind for no good reason whatsoever, coupled with an utter lack of interest in actually making the game fun (HOW many customers did they lose to that idiotic crash-while-docking system?). They also did that car-fighting game (Auto Assault?) and from everything I was told, managed to make it EQ Lite with car-shaped avatars, getting really bad buzz right out the gate, with a game that should have had all sorts of buzz naturally in its favor.

One way or another, something is screwed up in that company. Suing them into coughing up whatever they have that’s workable so someone else can finish it and actually put it in front of customers might just be the best thing.

as I understand it, they basically scrapped the game about 3/4’ths of a year ago, to redo a lot of stuff, and where very excited about the “new directions” it was taking.

Appearently, that wasnt enough.

The did the Lego MMO too, right? Is that one even out? I remember some lackluster comments about it from a few here who were in the beta.

I was looking forward to the new Jumpgate. This doesn’t look good.

So Codemasters wants their money back:

Ultimately, it boils down to a pretty standard breach of contract that offers Codemasters’ share of interest back to Netdevil and Gazillion in return for all monies invested in the project to date.

I’m assuming Netdevil doesn’t have the money to pay them back. What happens next? Codemasters gets control of the game?

I snickered.

Does this mean Jumpgate Evolution is more or less vaporware now (I mean, if they scrapped the design and started over 9 months ago, as mentioned above, we won’t see anything for a good two years, right)? I haven’t been following it that closely but I always had the vague feeling that it was coming out this year. Guess not.

Sadly yeah, I don’t see JGE ever seeing the light of day at this point. Sad, but at least we have some other space-based MMO’s coming out, like Miner Wars.

Is this where I reminisce about Jumpgate? Flawed, arguably even terrible, but I had so much fun. Probably because I was bad at mmos, so I never really got to a point where I had a clear, full picture of the game. It was a lot of fun running away from something to a gate and trying to make it in without dying; similar with docking. Also I loved finding a rock I could mine from the inside, or getting good at flying around one at high speed while mining it.

Searching for artifacts was boring. Also there were certain missiles that got you blacklisted if you used them, because they caused lag or something. I thought that was incredibly dumb.

Either way, very fond memories.

I wouldn’t play JGE even if it came out tomorrow. But I also don’t play EVE mostly because it makes me wish it was more like Jumpgate in some ways. Or because I don’t have the time to get committed to an mmo. Whatever. End rambling.

Heh, I played JGC on and off for maybe 8 years, and put more time into it, I think, than any other game I’ve owned (all told, maybe 1,000-2,000 hours or more) and while it was flawed in some ways, I had sooo much fun mining, trading, hauling and searching for artifacts (I never got into PvP for some reason) that I barely cared. Only reasons I don’t play it now are to save money and the low server population. However, if JGE doesn’t materialize, maybe this’ll spurn more people to return to JGC.

I didn’t even think that Jumpgate Evolution was real after a certain point. I just assumed it was one of those gamer vaporware in-jokes that crop up every now and then.