Cogmind - An Amazing Sci-fi Roboroguelike


Cogmind releases on Steam next week. Just got the email with my key!


It’s finally on Steam. I’d bite, but I’m busy with Loot Rascals.


Picked this up. Unfortunately I’m too blind to play the thing, everything is too tiny. I upped the font as large as it would go, minimal effect. I should have paid closer attention to full-screen screenshots.

Seems fun for what little I could get through before hanging it up though.


Yeah he talks about that here:

And ultimately decided against created a separate layout. What size monitor are you using?


I’ve been playing this for a few months on my MacBook via Wineskin and you’re spot on about the graphics. I do have an older laptop connected to a 28" 4K monitor and it’s very easy to read. But the Mac requires me to use reading glasses because the font is so tiny.

This is one of the few games I’ve ever played obsessively for 6 hours straight.