CoH: Ernesto Hess TF pictures (spoilers)

I had a great time on the Ernesto Hess TF this past Sunday with some fellow Qt3 people… I’m not the world’s greatest screenshot artist, but I did manage to grab a couple shots of the coolest mission ever.

Don’t look at the pictures if you’d like to be surprised your first time through:

That was a great TF. Swill and I took some shots, too, they’re at #9’s a good pic of the boss

Sorry I missed this. I ended up going out Friday night, and didn’t see any updates on a Sunday plan. Did you guys start this on Friday?

As far as I know, it was pretty much an impromptu thing. I happened to log on with Saint, and Smirnoff and Delerium were already putting the TF together. It was half pickup group and half Qt3 – after we booted the piece of crap Kimchee Woman, it was a really great team.

I’m hoping to do this TF soon (this weekend I hope) with Remington Steel.

Here’s my one good screenshot near the end of the last mission, as we were plotting how to get the last few robots away from the boss. Good shot of a fully buffed Smirnoff and the front of the robot.

I love that TF too, though like any, if you have a poorly comprised team, you are doomed. :P

At the official forums, Statesman said that they’re going to treat Striga Isle and the TFs there (Hess and Moonfire) as the “new standard” for future new zones and TFs.

Gotcha. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually.

Raife, you have an alt or two in the Guardians, don’t you? I think that as the Guardians site becomes more functional, we’ll be able to plan SG TF dates and times for just this sort of thing. I imagine some of us may shy away from Positron for a while though. :wink:

edit after reading my quote above, I think I’d better clarify. There was a really awful player we picked up whose character was named Kimchee Woman - that wasn’t a slam on some lousy Korean player –

Hey, some of us were in the fast group. It’s you slowpokes that had to grind out the extra ten minutes.

I have one Guardians character. I have other alts, but they’ve been around pretty much since CoH came out, and range quite a bit in level. Hackjob, my 32 Tanker who did Bastion with Saint and Mike’s character (who’s name I forget), isn’t a Guardian.

I don’t really care about missing the Hess TF. It would have been cool to get it in, but I’m not in any hurry.

It’s certainly worth exemping for.

I would not advise exemplaring for any TF, even this one. Exemplaring was never designed to work with TFs and has too many problems associated with it. Wait for Flashback.

Bah, tell that to Li-on. It works fine.

I was actually somewhat surprised to not have any technical issues exemplaring down for the Positron TF. It did kind of suck to sink something like nine hours into that monstrosity and get zero XP from it, though.

I’ve not looked at the pics or other spoilers in this thread, but I’d love to do this TF sometime. What is the level range? Indigo Bolt is just about 24.

The level range is 25-30.
I am trying to get a group together to do this TF saturday night, probably starting around 8-8:30 eastern US. (Virtue)

If anyone is interested, please send a tell to Agent Mitchel or myself (Remington Steel). I should be on tonight, but later than usual (probably 9:30 or 10). I believe we have four slots currently full (2 scrappers, one PB, one controller). There may also be a tank. We could especially use someone toward the higher end of the level spectrum (i.e. 29-30) but we’ll make a valiant effort with whoever would like to join.

what’s flashback?

Flashback is a “down the road” feature that we’ll see in Issue 5 or 6 at the earliest. It will work kind of like exemplaring except you’ll go to an NPC (like with the difficulty slider) and they will allow you to “flashback” to an earlier point in your career (drop your effective level down).

That’s pretty cool – you’ve gotta give Cryptic credit - aside from creating a well-polished game, with probably the best combat of any MMO, there’s no shortage of innovation (sidekicking, heavy use of instancing, etc., travel powers).

Do they even explain the “difficulty slider” anywhere?

I ran into the task force guys and changed mine to ‘rugged’, solely because I thought it sounded better than ‘heroic’ - it seems fine, although I sometimes run into purple bosses in instanced missions, which solo are almost impossible unless you have a ranged attack character.

I found a post on one of the forums that basically explained 'em, but it’s kinda lame that there’s no explanation in the manual, update notes, or within the actual game. Do higher levels give you a lot more XP/enhancements (other than by reason of just fighting higher level guys)?

One of your contacts will explain the difficulty “analysts” to you, and send you to them, if you mean how is the concept propagated.

If you mean, are there hard numbers and facts on what each level actually means, then no, I haven’t come across such a resource yet. I bet someone’s working on a FAQ right now though…

Unfortunately there’s a lot of factors that will affect it. DOs, SOs, what AT you play, how many teammates you have. We went through a set of missions on the top setting, 2 scrappers and a controller, mission was mid or high 30s - and it was cake. Well not cake, but definitely doable and fun.

The moment the controller left I had to go drop it down 2 levels because we were getting our butts whooped.

So I’m not sure if it’s possible to quantize it exactly…