CoH Hero Pics

I figured this could be a separate thread just where people can show off their character designs.

Here’s my main character, Voidwalker, Magic Defender (Dark/Dark):

My main alt, Tetsujin, Tech Blaster (Energy/Electric):

If someone makes a Martial Arts supergroup, here’s my entry for that, Crimson Palm, Natural Tanker (Fire/Energy):

And for someone who’s making a S.W.O.R.D. supergroup, here’s my Natural Blaster, Dusk Lily (Assault Rifle/Devices):

And finally, for the whole GI Joe kitsch, the buffest scientist/doctor ever in cartoon history, Dr Mindbender, Science Controller (Illusion/Kinetics):

Wow, looks like Dusk Lily could make a mean pot of coffee. She’s hired! I don’t have anywhere I can post my pics. If someone has space I’ll send a couple.

Whoops, forgot a couple.

For those fans of FFXI Mithra, or just catgirls in general, here’s La Puma, Natural Scrapper (Claws, Regen):

And because I love the concept in an episode of Sealab 2021, here’s Sir Phobos, Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass, Tech Tanker (Fire/War Mace):

Here’s my 10th level martial arts scrapper:

A few of my heroes - more to follow.

A picture of my main character, Voltaic Storm, a technological blaster with an electricity blast/devices skillset. Picture was taken in Boomtown last night, as Tsadkiel and Atomic Energy and I were killing various things. Great fun. Voltaic just hit level 12 and got his sniper power, Zapp - having a TON of fun with that. Also having a ton of fun with dual origin enhancements, which I can finally use. With the setup he’s got now, Voltaic can do up to 124 damage with his sniper shot, and then up to 70 with his lightning bolt - and lightning bolt was his first skill! I’m still pondering whether or not I should go back and grab charged bolts, for an additional atack.

This is Denouement, my scrapper. He’s a natural martial arts/super reflexes scrapper - created in a cloning tank by the Fifth Column, he was intended to be their greatest assassin, until he developed a fatal flaw - a conscience. Great fun, and lets me kill nazis - always a plus.

A picture of Scrap, one of my tankers, that came out far better than it had any right to. Here he’s grabbing the barrel of a Negel Force’s minigun while preparing to chop his face in half. Scrap is an invulnerability/battle axe tanker, and was in part an experiment with assymetrical design. I like how he turned out, and he’s fun to play.

This is my newest character, a darkness/darkness defender, named Nega-Psychic. I love, love, love his costume, and so far, the darkness abilities have been a whole lot of fun. Nothing like draining the life from your foes while you kill them.

I’ve got to get some shots of my flame/flame tanker, Incinerate, and my illusion/storm controller, Infinity Circuit. I’ll post them later.

BTW, Balut? Every single one of your characters looks ridiculously frigging cool. Very well done, man! I especially like Tetsujin and Crimson Palm.

Thanks, quatoria - I think they look cool 'cause I end up spending 2-3 hours tweaking costume design until it’s juuuust right. BTW, Voltaic Storm looks MUCH better with his regular colors over the Shoot Club scheme, and Nega-Psychic does, indeed, look badass. The Eye of Horus is a nice touch.

Frozen Yin (Magic Tanker, Invul/Ice Melee) is a gyonshi (Chinese hopping corpse, or Chinese vampire, depending) who was infused with an honorable ice spirit by a Taoist monk.

Huang Fei (Natural Scrapper, Martial Arts/Super Reflex, Combat Jumping) is a defender of the townsfolk of his province in China, and has come to America to pursue the evil Jade Emperor.

Oh, balut, I’d be interested in making a supergroup named Shaolin Dragons if I had some people in the theme to join. :)

Rudra (Magic Controller, Earth/Empathy) is the disciple of the Indian God of Earth of the same name.

Synic - put Crimson Palm on your friends list, and if we’re both on, I’ll have him join your squad.

BTW, Energy Melee works really well for a fists-oriented martial arts style. I didn’t give CP Martial Arts because a lot of those moves focus primarily on kicking, but Energy Melee gives a nice assortment of punch combos and flurries that fit with my character’s scheme.

Balut, Synic - I’d be very interested in getting Denouement into your martial arts supergroup. I’m also making another scrapper, either energy melee or claws, haven’t decided, and this one will have a martial arts oriental theme. hinking of making a character similar to the lightning wielder from Big Trouble in Little China.

Where the hell is AQUAMAN?

He’s got his head in a fishbowl somewhere asking some goldfish for clues.

Balut, quatoria, both of your characters are added to my friend list. See you online!

Swimming in a bottle of tequila, wishing he had some real super powers.


Can you create a giant order of fries that shoots fireballs out of his eyes and levitates? He should also be really good at using the Internet and other high tech thingamabobs that he keeps in his room (e.g. a cloner).

If you can do this, then someone, please do… And post some shots!