Colbert, Delay's greatest defender!

This is glorious.

I can only assume that the embedded video on the “defend Delay” page is going to be going away soon.

That, or the page itself is an even more glorious satirical layer pretending not to be. It’s getting harder and harder to tell lately.


I have no words to adequately describe how sweet this is.

This is too good to be real. Is the whole site a joke?

I found out about this wondrous thing via a Metafilter thread, in which a few people have launched detective work. It doesn’t seem to support the saner idea that it’s just a really good joke site.

Wondrous! And another vindication of the Crazification Factor in action, really–probably the best way to look at it is that the folks who run the site surely (surely!) know it’s a joke, but are banking on the sorts of people who angrily-righteously lunge for the donate button being too stupid to.

On the other hand, maybe it really is possible that Colbert got invited to that White House press shindig because powers that be really are that dim. And they have nuclear weapons!

The interesting thing about this mistake (as it really has to have been) is that it shows that conservatives are so used to their own bullshit, that when they see the same bullshit coming from someone else, they assume it’s said with the same intentions.

It shows that they are so used to lying, that when they hear lying they assume it’s intended as the ‘truth’.

edit: You know, because there’s nothing talking about the movie on the page, I wonder if maybe they were cleverly hacked?

It either has to be a hack or they are really really stupid. I can’t be sure when it comes to Delay’s camp.

The hack thing crossed my mind too, but if it is, it’s a very respectable hack or hoax, perhaps on thinkprogress’s part? I mean, there’s this alleged scan of the mass email in which they urge supporters to check out the video, in which Colbert cracks the story on the dude’s real motivations.

The video’s finally gone =/. It was still up a day or two ago.