Colbert is just killing it these days on the Late Show

(Started this rather than reviving a more than year-old thread.)

What’s great is that you can catch the monologues (the best part) the next day on the show’s YouTube channel. A small sample on Putin’s STUNNING election victory:

I miss Colbert Report because it was shown at several times during the day. Also, while I do watch TV around dinner time, afterward I am on the computer unless I snack really late.

Yeah, I loved The Colbert Report but stopped watching Late NIght after a couple weeks. I hear it’s much better now that he reverted to his political roots, and all the other late night shows are trying to copy his success by going political also. Without the Trumpster Colbert would have been replaced by now.

I am also not interested in watching interviews of celebrities.

I wonder if this was an intentional pivot? Because Colbert Show / Daily Show were absolutely great…

I keep meaning to watch more of his monologues.

Colbert Report and Stewart-era Daily Show were amazing. Late Night Colbert pivot was absolutely intentional as they were absolutely tanking with saccharine late night talk show antics.

I find the new Daily Show largely unwatchable. Trevor Noah is awful. I really like “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper”, which is essentially an updated Colbert Report that lampoons Alex Jones rather than Bill O’Reilly. It’s great.

Apart from Fallon and Conan*, is there any late night comedy left that’s not political?

Oh, Corden I guess. Spicer-kissing mofo.

*Actually I don’t know whether Conan is or not. He’s fallen waay off my radar for whatever reason.

Yeah Colbert has been fantastic returning to what he did best. And It’s only once a week, but John Oliver knocks it out of the park every time over on HBO.

They are available as a playlist on the show’s YouTube channel:

We can’t get Colbert on TV here in UK but it doesn’t matter because we get to watch it all on YouTube. And he’s been in great form ever dunce the election.

Oh perfect. Thank you.

Yeah, of the shows in this genre I’ve recently watched, I would rate them thusly:

  1. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Weekly, so no weak shows
  2. The Opposition with Jordan Klepper - Schtick hasn’t grown old
  3. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee - Can be a bit preachy, but razor sharp
  4. Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Would be better without celebrities
    … (big gap here)
  5. The Daily Show - Trevor Noah just isn’t funny, sorry, but it’s true.

I really love what Colbert is doing lately. I watched every episode of The Colbert Report and mostly kept up with the same for The Late Show with Colbert (skipping some celebrity interviews here and there), and it’s nice how he’s grown into the role over the last couple of years.

He was so uncomfortable at first, clearly because he either didn’t choose to or wasn’t allowed to do what he previously did on the Report. Now he can.

Weren’t there some legal shenanigans preventing him from moving his Colbert Show schtick directly from one network to another?

Jimmy Kimmelis pretty good if you don’t mind the constant bashing of Trump and the GOP establishment. That might not be for everyone here though, since we do have a lot of fans of the current administration.

Per a Fresh Air interview I heard, he was tired of playing an A-hole all the time and only indirectly conveying the real political bent of the show while ostensibly doing the opposite. I don’t think he was necessarily against the idea of doing political humor per se.

I agree that the Colbert Late Show monologues are almost always worth watching. And it’s nice that if I miss them at night, I can always watch them the next day on youtube, or through a Plex CBS channel.

No love for Seth Meyer?

He’s pretty good, but there’s just something about Colbert’s timing* and occasional goofiness I find extra hilarious. Also, does Seth Meyer do essentially a short standup bit at the beginning of his show? That’s the best part of Colbert’s show (although the bit recently behind the desk where he was dressed like that crazy Stanley Tucci character from The Hunger Games was priceless).

* For instance: I love when Colbert will say “Speaking of [bad thing phrased as jokey pun]… Donald Trump.”

Another one is when he’ll say “and then the President responded with the gravitas and thoughtfulness one would expect in that situation. [pause] I’m just kidding.”

Grr, how to make asterisks show up as themselves and not bullet points?

* Escape them with a backslash.