Cold Fear

Anyone seen this? Or played it? Any good?

Be careful, you might be the next new running gag after “E5, WHICH EB?”

I should be picking this up and playing it this weekend. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I think the game press always gives short shrift to the 2nd tier titles simply because they are second tier, but I’ve had a lot of great gameplay from the “average” titles.

I’ve only seen one preview on it, but the fact that the ship tilts side to side because of the storm sounds pretty cool. And the graphics look nice.

All right, I got a bit of gameplay in, and here are my impressions.

The graphics are pretty decent, lots of weather effects when you are on the deck, and there is rocking as the ship moves from side to side. The controls are a little stiff, but I haven’t played any third person survival games for a LONG time. It uses the “remote control” style of control, but if the camera shifts, your controls don’t change until you release them. I tend to walk around in aiming mode, which is just a bit more comfortable to me.

Story so far is interesting but fairly generic. So far it’s like your standard experiment gone wrong business with terrible results, etc etc. Voice acting is average, but being a coast guard I expected a gruff old sailor guy instead of the young blond special ops sort of dude I got. No big deal though. One peeve I have is that sometimes cutscenes will show a monster coming at you but then leave it up to you to kill it when the cutscene ends, which strikes me as sort of redundant. Regardless, though, it’s been decently fun so far.

Not sure how much gameplay it has in it, the ship seems fairly small, but perhaps you move to a different locale at some point. Ammo is tight but not a huge problem so far, even though I am not a great shot. Saves are handled by giving you a save spot every 20 minutes or so, though this could prove quite frustrating later if there is a save, some stuff to do, then a hard boss battle, but I haven’t gotten to any bosses (if there are any).

This game is probably worth a try if you like the resident evil sort of games. I’m not sure I do, but I have enjoyed playing it so far, and I’ve gotten a bit of the “Just one more objective” thing going.

Cool, thanks. I’ll check it out.