Cole Confession;_ylt=ArjMqaUFEUcXu8JET86Cfq.s0NUE

Hooray, now another alleged Al Queda member, while facing a lifetime of detention and torture, has taken responsibility for a terrorist act.

Now I can sleep easier knowing that we’ve risen to the standard of Chinese and East German justice where no prisoner will be held without having a confession on file. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to convict these men in closed door trials and then incarcerate them in solitary confinement for the rest of their days so that they can no longer be a threat to Freedom.

Winston Smith confessed too.

I’m double plus plus sure this is heading in the same direction.

Yeah, pretty much the same deal as what we discussed in the KSM thread.

I’m sort of curious where all these confessions are suddenly coming from. Two this close together, both obtained years after the fact and after the suspects have had lengthy incarceration, seems fishy.

What I can’t figure out is what this fishiness is a setup for. I’d like to hope that this is a face saving precursor to shutting down Gitmo and similar detainment centers. The more cynical part of me thinks that someone savvy in the administration is just trying to seize the headlines and distract folks from all the beatings the administration has taken lately on U.S. attorney firings, the Libby conviction, etc.

Maybe it is a desperate attempt for the Bush administration to get some good will from the American People.

This would be my favorite QT3 post of all time if it wasn’t so fucking true.

I’m going to go drink some beer and pretend I never saw this thread.

You won’t need to pretend, this thread and all who participated in it will be dissapeared before you know it.

Mmm… Beer…