Coleman supporters warned to cancel thier credit cards

Oopsy-daisy! Of course this is all that dastardly Franken’s fault.

Whew! I thought this was about Gary Coleman. I’m relieved that I can continue to purchase “What You Talkin’ 'Bout Willis?!” t-shirts with impunity.

I think I have to go with the Anonymous commenter:

“He had suspicions that there was a problem in January (when he may have sold the data to the highest bidder, or released it to the public inadvertantly)(just sayin’). He did nothing to protect his contributors from credit card fraud for a full billing cycle, and now he is warning them their may be a problem? I could come up with a story that sounds much more nefarious than the one he is plugging that makes him look like the bad guy here. Either way, he handled it very poorly in waiting a month to get the word out.”

i really appreciate what wikileaks does. let that information fly!

plus, they go about it the correct way:

A email address emailed Coleman supporters Tuesday night claiming they had their personal information and they were going to post it online.