College Football 2009

We’re a month away and the lame, useless preseason coaches poll is out. Time to start jawing.

I commented at EDSBS on the ironic comedy of not ranking Florida unanimous number one. Not because they necessarily deserve it, but because it plays exactly into their hands: most of UF’s championship year stumbles and their two championship game victories were motivational in nature. Even with all the hype surrounding the team, coaches and team leaders can point to this and pretend like they were somehow stiffed. It’s like free mental game help and extra focus right from the start. With a full returning defense, you’re going to have to lull them to sleep and that is quite doable if opposing coaches make a competent effort at it. Same with the fans.

My alma mater Georgia Tech may be a touch high at #15, but correctly signifies them as relatively decent yet still mediocre at heart.

Jinx! hehe

I’m shocked Nebraska snuck on to that list honestly. I guess that’s the tradition talking and not the recent results. All signs are pointing in the right direction but I don’t think we’ve demonstrated enough in the last few years to sneak in even near the bottom of that list.

Hah I was sitting there wondering if someone else has posted this at the same time.

Mine has more analysis and fewer Tebow references, so I win.

Biggest chuckler on the list is Michigan’s single point. :) Poor UM…

But mine has the exclamation point! I was actually gonna delete mine so we wouldn’t have two but forgot that is verboten. Oh well.

See that’s just another reason. What if in the middle of the season there is a tragic death or depressing turn of events in college football and we want to discuss it? That exclamation point will drive a stake into our hearts.

(I’m kidding. Mostly.)

I don’t know, seeing Tennessee with 2 (2!) points is pretty funny/sad/painful for me. I think it’s probably based on schedule and the fact Lane Kiffen has pissed off the entire conference with his behavior before ever coaching a game. I do think the Vols will be a factor again in two or three years, but this “others receiving votes” stuff is hard to take.

If I were a Tennessee fan I’d quit being so emotional about wins and losses and just watch the games for Eric Berry highlights. Take UF 2007 – even when their freshmen secondary was approaching 600 degrees Fahrenheit, it was still fun to watch Major Wright (and Tim Tebow) hit people in a Fox ‘When Buildings Collapse’ kind of way.

The problem with the Eric Berry highlights is that they are too often preceded by Jonathan Crompton/Nick Stephens “avert your eyes” turnovers, thus putting Mr. Berry back on the field. It will be nice to see him take the record for most interception return yards in college history this season, he only needs 15, so there is that.

Oddly enough, my second favorite college team is your alma mater, my best friend at the time attended Tech from '85-'89, he and his buddies came to watch Lethal Weapon Three in the NCAA opening round played in Knoxville when I got us all tickets. Good times. I guess that was '88. What a great basketball team that was.

Oops, sorry, please continue with the football talk.

Auburn receives 12 votes. 11 more than I expected. Go Chizik!!! (I think that’s how the new coach spells his name)

Georgia Tech is going to be immensely entertaining this year just because Chris at Smart Football will break them down every couple of weeks. I’m really curious to see if I can catch the workings of some of the plays as they happen now.

Also…every SEC game on TV…whoop!!!

nevermind, just see below

That’s right. Gene Chizik. I look forward to seeing what happens with Auburn. Chizik’s done some interesting… to say the least… things while HC there. Heh. But I like his assistant hires a lot. They’ll be more competitive than poor Iowa State, that’s for damn sure.

I enjoy Notre Dame being overrated at the beginning of every year, because it makes every year a disappointment for them.


USC finishes out of the top 5; maybe out of the top 10… maybe not even the highest ranked PAC-10 team (Oregon? Cal?).

Penn State finishes in the top 5; maybe the top 3… maybe in the BCS Championship game.

Notre Dame? in the preseason 25 on reputation only, out of it by season’s end. ND ends up in a nice bowl game anyhow and resumes their losing ways there.

I predict (more like fear) a repeat of 2004: three teams with equal records, with Florida somehow shut out of the championship game, and Oklahoma getting blown out of it once again. :)

I understand the circumstances of 2004, but I think as a Gator observer these last few years (I’m too snobby to call myself a fan), what has bugged me most is the Big 10 (in 2006) and Big 12 (in 2008) notion that their teams should have a rematch, and then Florida comes in and beats their representative team**. As long as the game is good I wouldn’t even mind this, but a blowout of a team that “should be there” would be annoying.

** What have I done to my poor thread?

I think you may have started it’s inevitable downward spiral into factional conference bickering at least one page before it would have otherwise happened.

What? Is this hyperbole? Because I live in OHiO and would like to see Vandy play every week.