College Football 2010!

Oh yes, it must suck for you, having to play Vanderbilt, Kentucky, South Carolina and Georgia every year, in addition to SEC West behemoths like Mississippi State, Arkansas and Ole Miss.

Well, lately it has. Almost all of those teams have beaten UT in the last several years. Unfortunately for me, Tennessee is in the same class as those teams at the moment. On the other hand, in case you haven’t noticed, Texas being the golden standard of everything in the world and all, the SEC has won the last four BCS titles. Tennessee gave Alabama a much better game than Texas did, and Tennessee is a midlevel team in the SEC at this point.

Texas and A&M should just jump to the SEC.


I would LOVE to kick South Carolina and Arkansas out of the SEC and replace them with Texas and A&M. Texas would never do it. Vanderbilt would KILL them academically, and the rest of the SEC would kill them on the field.

Hahahahaa… Oregon is making Miami of the 90s look like the junior varsity.

A linebacker got busted with a DUI last night, this hours after Chip faced the media about all the legal troubles his players are getting into.

The Masoli case is reportedly in front of a grand jury. There have already been two or three departures from the team related to this.

LaMichael James was arrested last week for strangulation, assault, and menacing.

The kicker who was beat up in critical condition also got charged.

Gotta keep that street cred up with Kiffin in the conference now.

Oh my. Hahahahaha.

Florida’s street cred has been strong lately.

It’s really sad that these kids are willing to blow their chance at a decent college education on stupid crap like driving drunk, armed robbery, running around with pot in their car, slapping some chick at a party… I held a job all the way through college and still knew how lucky I was to be there.

I don’t get it.

It’s a pretty simple formula: one part arrogance to two parts stupidity. Shake well, and head to the party.

So USC is done testifying and now they await their fate.

Moreover, if USC is found guilty of major violations, the NCAA also could rule that the Trojans are “repeat violators.” Per NCAA rules, “An institution shall be considered a ‘repeat’ violator if the Committee on Infractions finds that a major violation has occurred within five years of the starting date of a major penalty.”

The athletic program was last sanctioned in August of 2001, so if the Bush allegations are found to be major violations, they would fall within that time frame.

So a lot is at stake.

And yet ANOTHER Duck kicked off the team!!!

What’s hilarious is that, save for the infamous Blount punch, all of these arrests and dismissals have happened in the past three weeks. You’d have thought they had won their first Rose Bowl in 93 years the way these kids are tearing up Eugene.

It is going to take a long time for people to understand the dangers of public social media websites. It’s best to just keep it to yourself.

That guy needs to do something else for a living, maybe become a rap star or something. I’d really be surprised if he would ever be drafted in the NFL, no matter what his talent level.

Sorry Rimbo, although you already knew this.

The league’s contracts with ABC/ESPN and Fox Sports Net will be up for renewal in 2015.




ESPN is awesome for prime time games, but I want to stab myself in the face at 11:00 EST some mornings as they proudly begin coverage of Wake Forest vs Duke On ESPN and Purdue vs Northwestern on ESPN2.

The ABC/ESPN stuff is fine. We get that a lot. It’s FSN that blows shit-coated cocks.

Citadel QB commits armed robbery against an assistant coach – so bad it’s almost not even funny like the usual offseason crimes.


This discussion about ranked teams not playing each other enough is tedious, but I love that chart so much I had to post it.