College Football 2017


It is better to be a big fish in a small pot than a medium sized fish in a school of piranahs.

OTOH, you do have to live in Stillwater.


Lovely Stoolwater. Beautiful pic.


Vols apparently now focused on Purdue’s Jeff Brohm, which to be honest…that would be a hell of a hire. Under the radar, but Brohm is one hell of a coach.

He’s also a pretty no-nonsense guy (no agent), and may not want the craziness of being a Tennessee coach.


Someone will eventually take that job, with all the money they have to dangle. But why go from a 2nd-tier Big Ten school to a 2nd-tier SEC school? Especially when Purdue is happy to have Brohm continue to work Purdue’s way gradually up the Big Ten pecking order while not winning the SEC (and you won’t) will get you fired at Tennessee.


Tennessee may give Jeff Brohm between 4.5 and 5.5 million reasons why.


Grain o’ salt, but…

and yet…


Tennessee won a national title in recent history and belongs to what is considered the best conference in college football. Purdue will never be more than it is now.

Plus the money.


Signs you might be getting old… ;)


Well, 1998…when was the last time Purdue was in the discussion? When was the last time Purdue was relevant?


Point, but on the other hand the Purdue job also comes with reasonable expectations. Of course if someone wanted to pay me $5m/yr, I could handle a whole lot of unreasonable expectations and losing football.


Vol Twitter at this point is just dudes making shit up, apparently.


The problem with ranking the jobs based on 1998 is precisely that the Tennessee fan base is still living in 1998.


Translation: “I had no idea that people were going to take my bullshit seriously.”


The mid-tier local newspaper and radio guys always seem uninformed and out of place when they wade into cutthroat Twitter news wars.


This depends on how ambitious, or patient, Brohm is. Purdue is a program with a definite ceiling, which is probably sneaking into a Big Ten title game in a year when Wisconsin is down (assuming they can get by Iowa and Nebraska, and assuming Nebraska doesn’t become the Tennessee of the plains). Tennessee has the potential to win a national title with the right coaching hire. It would be an uphill struggle and they certainly won’t be competing for championships every year like Alabama, but Tennessee has the resources to make the occasional title chase happen. On the other hand, Brohm might be better served long-term by staying at Purdue and waiting for a better job to open. Tennessee is a top-20 job, but not a top-ten job. Plus, there’s a much higher chance of flaming out at a school like Tennessee than Purdue and that could be a career killer. Probably better for him to string together a few 8-win seasons at Purdue and hope Michigan or Ohio State becomes available.


Listening to Knoxville sports radio and something that multiple radio guys have mentioned is one reason Tennessee won’t go to Tee Martin is due to some weird jealousy thing Peyton has with him. Remember, Peyton was their greatest QB but he couldn’t beat Florida. Then Tee Martin takes over after him and he not only beats Florida, but he wins a national championship.

And the hilarious part is that the radio guys were starting to turn on Peyton.


Awww, did Peyton get his fee-fees hurt?


Must be the end times then. Peyton basically usurped the Holy Ghost as part of the Trinity down there.


Holy Shit, there’s a caller on the radio show right now basically yelling that Peyton needs to put up or shut up about Tee Martin. And the host agreed with him.


Oh yea, I don’t deny that. But Butch Jones did not do a good job. And I think most coaches would really prefer a fan base that cared over a fan base that didn’t.


The thing is though up and coming coaches have to move while they have momentum. Several .500 +/- years at Purdue will put an end to his career, whereas he still has some cache now. There are a lot of openings right now though so he can afford to pick and choose.

I did wonder if Tennessee might not look to Tee Martin.