College Football 2017


They haven’t even talked to him, according to the local radio guys. That’s insane. If you’re Tee Martin, how would that make you feel?


I don’t know everything he has done to prepare but being the OC for a program like USC would normally be considered a step in the right direction.


That’s a good point. You can’t really predict the future, but I’m betting on Brohm being a good enough coach and the Big Ten west being a weak enough division that he shouldn’t lose all his buzz in the next season or two.

I haven’t been keeping tabs on Martin (last I recall he was playing for the Steelers), but looked him up and he’s got quite the coaching resume. He rose through the ranks quickly and, like you said, being OC at a place like USC has got to be worth something. He must be pretty good at it, right? No head coach experience, but he’s young, has a ring, and now has California ties, so I bet he can recruit too.


As a USC fan I think he is one of the best recruiters in the nation and an amazing WRs coach but one of the worst play callers I’ve seen. The team still has no offensive identity. We are predictable as hell to the point where I sometimes see defensive backs making cuts before our receivers. Truly unforgivable play design and calling. At this point I wouldn’t mind seeing him gone if not for the fear that he would be replaced by someone just as bad.

Truly terrible OC but could be a good H.C. with a good support cast.


Often being a good head coach hinges on your ability to hire good coaches under you. And in college the ability to recruit.


Brohm apparently has told UTjr that he’s not interested.

On to their 10th choice!


Herm Edwards to Arizona State apparently. Interesting hire. I can see that working out.


What a bizarre choice. He hasn’t coached in 10 years, and not in college for 20.

Oregon State got Jonathan Smith, offensive coordinator of Washington. He was a QB at Oregon State in the early 2000s.


Sounds like Tennessee is well on their way to keeping Hoke full-time :)


Tennessee is melting down hard in a scary way.

There was a basketball game tonight and the crowd was chanting Fire Currie (the AD), who was in attendance. That’s when security started ejecting people.


And then there’s FSU


Ess eee cee!


The Fire Currie chant could also be heard at a WWE show this week.

Doeren’s probably on the outs at NCSU it sounds like- he’s actively fielding offers- he might have resented almost being fired last year (he was 5-6 going into the last game, beating UNC saved his job)

I hope not, I think he is a good coach who has potential to be something better.


And to speak of the devil…


I would have bought it but I don’t settle for anything less than 200 square miles. Do I look like a peasant?

For those who need scale, his property is like 5 times the size of Manhattan.


Guess he needs to raise a bit of scratch to help pay the football coach.


I’ll give the guy credit, whatever else his foibles and flaws, he has basically built a university out of nothing in the middle of nowhere, more or less single-handedly. The loyalty that some of these self-made millionaires have toward their alma mater is only matched by the chips on their shoulders when all those fancy dancy magic prancy ivy league types rub their noses in the former’s parvenu hillbilly ways.


He’s 89, and you can’t take it with you. But the GOP sure wishes you could.


And in the UTjr coaching saga, all eyes are on NC State coach Dave Doeren, who apparently has two deals on his desk this morning. One is an offer from Tennessee. The other is a contract extension and raise and elevation of the salary pool for his assistants to stay with the Wolfpack.

Normally, I’d say I like the Vols’ chances here. Deals like this normally don’t leak out unless it’s pretty much done, at least from one side’s perspective. But based on how Currie has handled this coaching search, I think we can toss out “normally”.


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