College Football 2017


Hahahhaa, this tweet is from a CFB writer and Heisman voter


Sounds like Jimbo is doing to FSU what Mike Anderson did to Mizzou hoops back in 2011. (Anderson found out in January that the Arky job was going to open up and simply stopped recruiting…and apparently Otto Porter from Sikeston MO was all set to be a Tiger until Mike waved him off.)

The cratering of Mizzou’s hoops program began right there. They made a bad coaching hire to replace Suitcase Mike in Frank Haith, and Haith was stuck bringing in only transfers and guys who hadn’t signed with anyone four months before the start of the season.



At this rate, the 30 for 30 on this will simply be called 30 for 30.


What happened to Fisher at FSU? This is his first bad season, so firing him based on that seems like an overreaction, especially if all parties have been aware of this for over a month. If he lost the locker room and the players are against him then it’s totally justified, but this seems more like an issue certain boosters have with Fisher. Do they have something against competing for championships and appearing in major bowl games?

I’m done following the Tennessee coaching stuff. It’s gone from dramatic and interesting to kind of boring. Might as well do a heel turn and bring in Petrino or Butch Davis.


Not firing him. Think he’s out the door and off to Aggieland.


He’s been complaining for years about the need to upgrade the facilities. He didn’t ingratiate himself well with the admin because of that.

Throw in a bad year where their starting QB got injured, and the fan base soured. It got really bad when they were calling for his assistants’ heads. Jimbo got in some heated argument with fans coming off the field.

Then A&M comes along. They have vastly deeper pockets than FSU, and they’ve already upgraded their facilities.


It’s crazy that he won a National championship a few years ago, but he’s gone.


The best thing is going to be that when the Vols finally do hire a coach, hearing Currie say “He was our FIRST CHOICE ALL ALONG!”


Can the Vols just punt and name an interim coach from the existing staff for an entire season? Seems like they might be better off at this point just waiting to see who is on the block next November. Like @triggercut said, it’s going to see awfully dubious warmly welcoming anyone now that they’ve been spurned by half a dozen high profile potential hires.

On the other hand, they still have another month or so before NFL coordinators/coaches start losing their jobs…maybe someone wants to come back to the college ranks?


Its more than just this, though. The rest of the team consisted of four years worth of top-3 recruiting classes. Every week except Alabama they should have better players than the other team, so to look as bad as they looked and being 3-6 at one point really riled up the fans and boosters. Throw in the LSU flirtation for extra riling.


That makes more sense. I assumed FSU had elite-level facilities, but maybe the gap between SEC and ACC finances is more cavernous than I thought. Still, the fanbase should be careful about what they wish for. They could look to Tennessee for an example of what can happen to a program that loses a championship-winning coach after a bad season. Maybe FSU’s administration is more competent though.


I don’t blame the fans for complaining about assistant coaches. Once winning teams start getting poached, you sometimes notice a drop off.

I’ll never forget when Dan Mullen left Florida, Urban Meyer promoted the offensive line coach Steve Addazio. The offense sucked and the offensive line sucked too. Fans started complaining and Meyer was pissed about it. I think he referenced that when he quit.


Jeezus. Word is that Jimbo is going to get a $75 million contract. $7.5 million for 10 years.




Reports that Mike Leach and Tennessee are talking, and it’s serious.

I just can’t imagine Leach in Knoxville. He’s too goddamn weird for that fan base.


I assumed Leach already turned them down. I want Leach at either Arkansas or Tennessee so bad only to see Saban play an air raid offense once a year. Saban hates no-huddle offenses, so imagine how he would feel about playing against a team that uses no-huddle and still takes five hours to finish a game.

Agree about the weirdness thing though. Knoxville’s got an eccentric streak to it (check out the Big Ears Festival), but Knoxville’s only a fraction of that fanbase. PAC-12 seemed like the perfect place for him.


Leach seems like he’d be a great high risk/high reward hire. His ego is colossal, and I can totally see him wanting to be in the SEC and going up against Saban.


Sounds like it could happen.


BTW, if Leach leaves, Wazzu has a hell of a coach in the wings in DC Alex Grinch. Mizzou gave him his first big D1 break when Gary Pinkel hired him to be secondary coach…and he’s Gary’s nephew. If Barry Odom hadn’t turned the Mizzou ship around this season, there were a lot of boosters who were suggesting Grinch as a strong candidate to possibly replace.

And I really hope Leach doesn’t bring him to Knoxville with him, because Grinch is a defensive prodigy by all accounts.


Those State fans who wanted him to take the extension were either angry that DD was upset over money , or morons. DD is the best coach State has had since Sheridan.

As for FSU and Clemson, they have SEC-level finances. Miami, NCSU, Louisville, UNC, VT are in the ballpark. The rest not so much.