College Football 2017


Yeah, but A&M has SEC money as well as Texas boosters. The latter simply outclass Florida.


I get the impression a lot of the fan base at FSU (my alma mater for my Master’s) still suffers from the “his last name isn’t Bowden” syndrome too.


John Currie was fired this morning, reportedly because he went rogue in talking to Leach.

Now Tenneessee is back at square one. Again.


Also, Knoxville is going Westeros


One thing about Leach’s offense - it isn’t really a hurry-up no huddle. They actually play a lot slower on offense than you’d think.


Oh, I want this so bad. But Leach wouldn’t last more than 2 seasons in the SEC I think.


You really think Peyton Manning would have approved of Leach. I heard Phil Fullmer is now leading the coach search.


Mike Leach would’ve been great for the lulz. Oh well.


BTW, Ole Miss got hit HARD today. No bowls this year or next, all coaches from the staff last season now have a show-cause (which means they can’t work for an NCAA team until it expires) and any players in next year’s senior class are eligible to freely transfer to any school and play right away.


Including the new, permanent HC?



1 year show cause for Freeze and a 2-game suspsension if for the first two games if he ever shows up in the SEC again.

2 years show cause for at least one assistant (Chris Kiffin) and perhaps others.


Thought he was on the staff last year too. May be mistaken.


It wasn’t all coaches, but definitely some assistants got hit with the show cause. Luke apparently not among them, which was probably something Ol Miss checked before making him the permanent guy.


Fisher to TAMU now official


Good. I kind of like the guy, and like to see coaches do well at their Alma Mater (unless it’s 'SC, of course :) )


Everyone loves to hate on SC. They hate us cause they anus.


beg pardon?


A play on “ain’t us”

But they are SEC, so they are definitely anuses


I watch Tennessee’s shenanigans with amusement. Always hated the Vols, hated the color orange (even though when I was at Virginia I had to sort of tolerate it), and while there were some upsides to living in Knoxville, there weren’t, um, that many.

In any event, I’m sure my daily allowance of college football angst will be amply filled when Auburn destroys the Dawgs again. Yeah, I have little faith. Comes from long experience, though it’d be nice to be wrong once.


'SC ain’t in the SEC. That’s SCar.