College Football 2017


As a Bruin, I earned the right ;)


Hey grats on bowl eligibility! Must be exciting!


Too bad you can’t make the Rose Bowl this year (even if you do beat Stanford). It won’t be the same w/o a pac-12 team in it, though I suspect if Wisconsin wins, they may end up seeded into the Rose, so at least we’ll get a B1G team there.


Yea I really wish they left the classic New Years bowl games intact and added 2 playoff games to it.


What a game! (I’m biased)

I hope the rest of the games tomorrow can keep up that intensity. You know, minus the obligatory pac 12 flag fest. All in all we played this game like we played every game this year. We squandered every chance we had to put it away and let a team that was grossly outplayed hang around and give us a scare. Need to learn how to put away teams instead of letting up. Still 11-2 and conference champions is one hell of a regular season.



Man, Tennessee is quite the dumpster fire. I do not see any quality coach wanting to dive into that mess.


Have you guys seen /r/ockytop? They’ve fully embraced their fate.


Frost to Nebraska is official. 7 years / $35 million.


Well two of the for CFP teams in. Oklahoma trashes TCU, and Georgia is getting their revenge on Auburn right now.


I really hope Wisconsin and Clemson win - I’m not sure I can stomach 2 SEC teams in the playoff


There is no justice in this world if Alabama makes the playoffs. The committee needs to draw a line in the sand with these bullshit schedules teams get away with playing. They played only one quality team (sorry LSU) and got their asses kicked.


How 'bout them Dawgs! I’m quite pleased to be totally wrong about UGA imploding. Not only did they beat Auburn, they pretty much took them behind the woodshed. Admittedly, injuries were a factor, but Georgia’s lines did a great job, and man, they have a stable of horses in that backfield.

I think Smart is doing pretty damn well, too. He is a good psychologist and motivator and, other than some issues with penalties, has a solid grasp on the program.

I really don’t follow college football much, but I have so much history with Georgia (my father went there, I have two degrees from there, lived in Athens three times over the years, and even taught there), and have been following Georgia football for, um, well over forty years off and on, that I always get drawn in if I make the mistake of watching a game.

It sure felt good to see a running game from the Dawgs, and a solid defense. Even if that fancy-schmanzy stadium is sort of weird.


Welp, Wisconsin blew it like everyone expected.

Waiting for the CFP committee to put in Bama over OSU.


Ugh, I really don’t want Clemson to have to play Alabama again.


Could set up an all SEC final if Bama does get in as Clemson will be #1 and Oklahoma probably #2.


Alabama has been gaming their schedule for over a decade. I can’t remember the last time they played more than 4 true road games.


Thank you Clemson for beating the Fightin’ Playbooks at the U.


Not that I haven’t been wrong before, but I think the committee will choose Ohio State over Bama.


I, um, don’t follow the playoff thing much. I assume that after the Sugar and Rose Bowls, the winners of those two meet in some sort of epic clash?