College Football 2017


Gotta say, I was pleased with the Dawgs today. Don’t follow it as assiduously as I used to, but I do have two degrees from UGA and lived there like four times over the years. And I worked at UT in Knoxville for a year, and always hated Tennessee (and orange). So, 42-0 at Neyland, yeah, that’s good.


Dawgs look really good this year. All the pre-season snark directed at Smart for his super-secretive practices and whatnot, but the results are tough to argue.


UGA won? Cool, I was only happy it was out of town so I could do normal weekend stuff like grocery shopping. Since we won maybe people will give us money to do educational things.


Iowa only had 19 yds rushing. If you cant run the ball in the Big 10, you are usually screwed. Great defensive game for MSU. They gave up one big pass play to the Hawkeyes but outside of that, they really had Iowa’s number, defensively. We will find out just how legit that defense is next week as they take on U of M. I have my doubts they can beat them but U of M’s offense has been less than stellar, so its not hopeless.


I posted that 8 days ago after the PSU game, yesterday they sucked.


You live in Athens? I taught there 1995-97 before moving to Vermont to work in journalism (and after that I’ve spent the past decade and a half teaching at Champlian College here in Burlington). Teaching at UGA was one of the things that killed most of my enthusiasm for Division 1 NCAA sports. Lecture halls filled with varsity athletes who had to be there (the athletic department was good at that) but who clearly did not have to actually do anything. Money by the bucketload going to anything football related, while pretty much anything else had to fight for crumbs. And yes, Athens on a football Saturday, if you’re not an undergrad already partying hard, kind of sucks.


LOL Yep I missed the date. Thought it was recent.


Moved here in 1990 after college. Paraprofessional behind the scenes at the Main Library since 1993. Fortunately, the traffic in the outer parts of town has improved in the last 15 years since they extended 316 into town rather than dumping traffic on the western end of the one east-west road through. Still a pain.


Oh man, that 316 thing was annoying. I graduated as an undergrad in '82 and with my Ph.D. in '94, though I also lived there in the early seventies and taught there in the late nineties. Not sure how I’d like the place now. Is the Taco Stand still there?


The downtown one is still there as well as the one on Milledge near Prince Ave. There are also 6 monstrous student apartment buildings around downtown courtesy of several out-of-town developers. :( I miss the funky, down-at-the-heels, mom-and-pop place it was when I arrived. Feels like Cobb County East now.


That was my fear. Bummer.


Oh, god, yes


I still don’t get how podcasting is so big. I mean, mechanically I do. But it doesn’t make sense in my brain.


Me too. the cynic in me thinks captive audience and the ability to insert commercials easily


Not a fan of either team but Miami and Florida St. know how to have seemingly every game come down to the end.


Once again Michigan lays an egg against Michigan State. In the BIg House. They had better have a young QB coming up, because neither Speight or O’Korn and worth a damn. And what the hell was that flop he pulled on State’s sideline? Being a Michigan State fan I had to deal with the puffed up blustering of U of M fans all week. Funny how silent they are now.


Some rivalry games are overhyped, but this one almost always lives up to it. The Wolverines just couldn’t get out of their own way…all those turnovers. State even gave them a last-second chance with that holding penalty at the end. The Michigan defense looks pretty good, but their offense…ugh.


The whole 2nd half was ugh.
Michigan turnover --> MSU 3-and-out
Michigan turnover --> MSU 3-and-out
Repeat as needed.


That was a painful game to watch. The only positive that I can take from it was that Michigan was still 1-2 good plays away from winning that game despite 5 turnovers