College Football 2017


While I won’t argue that Gunner Kiel certainly screwed his own career opportunities by school hopping in an effort to be “the man” somewhere, he actually did hold that position for a couple of seasons with the Bearcats. Gunner was our starting QB in 2014 and 2015, and in his final “senior” year of eligibility in 2016 (his 6th actual year in NCAA football by this point) took a back seat to Hayden Moore and only played in 6 games (mostly sparingly) last season. Kiel’s Career Stats as a Bearcat:

GP : 29
Passes ATT/COMP : 833/505
Passing Yards : 6835
Passing TDs : 56
INTs : 26
Rushing Yards : 165
Rushing TDs : 3 (yeah, he was NOT a running QB at all)

Interesting stat : Over his 29 games played Gunner had 4 punts. One for touchback and the other three inside the 20, with an average of nearly 43 yards per punt.


Ah, OK. I thought he kept transferring himself into sitting things out. My bad!

Good on him then that he managed to get three seasons in.


BTW, the transfer hell poster child that I’m most aware of is in college hoops.

Cam Biedscheid was a top 50 recruit coming from an elite St. Louis high school hoops program (Cardinal Ritter prep, which boasts Chris Carrawell, Jahidi White, and Loren Woods as alums). 6’7" wing with lots of length. Ended up going to Notre Dame and averaged like 15 minutes a game as a freshman. Not bad.

He had some injury issues, and ND asked him to take a year as a redshirt to get healthy. Biedscheid transferred to Mizzou, and sat a year. Then, before ever playing a game for Mizzou, he transferred again, this time to Iona. Never played a game for them, either. Eventually after a few months, he transferred again, this time to Jacksonville State in Alabama. Stayed there long enough to sit out another full transfer year, played three games, left the program.

Finally ended up at LSU-Shreveport (NAIA), played a few games there, got kicked off the team. That is one hell of a trajectory.


College QB Prima Donna syndrome is definitely an issue - the QB implosion at A&M last year or the year before is a good sign of that.

This is an area where schools that run mostly spread and zone-read concepts have an advantage - there’s less for the QB to pick up during the HS -> College transition so they’re more likely be ready to play in actual games faster than schools that try to run more Pro concepts.


Oh you were spot on in your original post, he definitely screwed himself with all his school-hopping antics. He did get two quality seasons in here in Cincy before the end, not that it will do him much good at the next level.

Bearcats fans loved Gunner for what he brought to the program those two seasons (we overlook his final 6-game 10 minutes per appearance “season”). We had high expectations coming off the Brian Kelly and Butch Jones era, and on paper Kiel was the QB to live up to them. Sadly, we also had high expectations for head coach Tommy Tuberville, and the vast majority of Bearcats fans will tell you we were pleased with Gunner for the most part, and much less so with Tommy.

Tuberville turned out to be such a terrible recruiter, and mediocre coach, that he tanked the entire program in just a couple of years. I have some friends who coach locally at high schools here in Cincinnati, a fertile college recruiting ground that has produced countless college stars and several NFL players in the past decade. They tell me Tuberville pretty much completely abandoned the Bearcats’ existing local recruiting system and barely seemed interested in kids that would have been thrilled to play at Cincinnati and contributed immediately. When you’re not a top Power Five school, your strongest source of quality recruits is your local area, kids that have grown up as fans of your school and would pass on an offer from a more prestigious school just to come and play for you. When you crap on that…your team does not prosper.


AFAIK, most qbs still don’t start as freshman, but maybe that’s changed some with more players leaving early, idk. But Kids who are getting recruited hard pick a school where they will get exposure. Not having someone ready to step in and perform (I remember when FSU would sub in the entire offense for a play at the start of drives to get guys a little experience) speaks to poor recruiting, or at the very least, poor planning. On top of that, after having a disastrous season, you have to think the quality of their recruiting classes will take a hit.


It’s my favorite sports Saturday of the year. Time for the 114th edition of The Game:


I’m holding out some hope but this year’s Michigan vs OSU might be a blow out with all the QBs out. Sigh…


The numbers person in me hopes Alabama beats Auburn, because statistically I think Georgia has a better shot in the SEC title game against the Tide. But the fan in my wants a rematch with the Turkey Buzzards.


Michigan Wolverines Stats - 2017

O’Korn 66 124 761 53.2 6.14 1 5 99.4
Speight 44 81 581 54.3 7.17 3 2 121.9
Peters 37 64 486 57.8 7.59 4 0 142.2

O’Korn was terrible and Harbaugh couldn’t move on from him. Speight was better than O KOrn but still wasn’t very good. Peters has been superior across the board. Michigan losing their starting and 2nd QB was a blessing. At this point all three are listed as available and people think that O’Korn will likely start. This game won’t be a blow out because Michigan lost their QB’s If it’s a blow out it will be because Michigan is simply not a very good team this season. I hate Ohio State and would love to see U of M spank them but I am also a realist and really doubt that’s going to happen.


Hell, he was at Texas Tech before Cincy and left a recruit at a dinner table when he took the Cincinnati job. He pretty much ignored the recruiting system setup by Leach and before him Dykes. Kingsbury is loved by his players apparently, but it took beating Texas last night (hahahaha) to save his job. The defense made some progress this year so maybe another year of stability there will help.

This reply goes out to all the Tech fans here. I’d joke that there are ‘dozens of us!’, but I think that’s shooting a bit high.


Bama goes down!


I honestly wasn’t too surprised by that one - Alabama had a surprisingly weak schedule this year in retrospect after FSU fell apart and they looked vulnerable at vs A&M and the Ms. State. Stanford over ND will cap it off for me though.


Watched the Michigan State-Rutgers game and man Rutgers is bad. MSU won 40-7 and the time of possession tells the story. MSU 47:50 to Rutgers 12:10 Rutgers managed 112 yds the entire game ( 14 yds rushing ), had 3 turnovers and only 5 first downs. Thats just plain ugly.


So now Georgia has a real chance to step up to the plate in the SEC title game. Lose to Auburn again, and it’s damn clear that the War Eagles are the class of the conference. Beat them, and the Dawgs can stake a legit claim to the national title.


For all the talk about a lifetime contract, fake news or not, Jim Harbaugh’s record against rivals Michigan State and Ohio State now stands at 1-5. Is that really going to cut it in Ann Arbor?


Honestly? Yes, it’s fine. I’m fine with Harbaugh the next 10 years given how previous decade has gone. We’ll see if the rivalry standings even out by then or not.


Hmm, if I were a Wolverine fan, I’d find Harbaugh’s inability to develop a QB thus far distressing. After all, that’s what he was known for when he came to Ann Arbor. But Michigan went through three QB’s this year with little to show for it, while yesterday Ohio State’s red shirt freshman enters the game in the middle of the 3rd quarter and kills it.


Eh - typical OSU fan Trolling. :) I was wondering when this point will get parroted up since it’s seems to be a favorite point from rival fan bases.

O’korn is effectively Michigan’s 3rd string and both Speight and Peters are out due to injury I think a more fair comparison would be if Haskins also got injured (Peters and Haskins are from the same recruiting class after all) and OSU was forced to play the next person in line (Martell?).

Harbaugh inherited a pretty terrible QB situation when he was hired and recruited the following QBs since he was hired:

Rudock (Transfer from Iowa) - now in NFL
O’korn (Transfer from Houston) - current 3rd string QB
Brandon Peters - 2nd string QB
Dylan McCaffrey - True Freshman

O’korn obviously didn’t work out but Peters was pretty decent this year and McCaffrey has a lot of hype as well. Given the hand he was dealt I don’t think any QB related criticisms is all that fair - if this is still the case 2 years from now, sure.


Thats a pretty fair assessment. Harbaugh inherited a mess and he needs some time to get his system and players in place. Considering the state of the program when he got there, I think he has done fine. Still, if the losses against MSU and OSU continue to rack up, fine won’t cut it much longer. Michigan is currently 3-14 this century vs OSU and has lost 13 of the last 14. That has to change, maybe not now but soon.