College Football 2018


I started last year’s thread with a post about Ohio State, so I’ll start this year’s about the same school, but a very different topic. It looks like Urban Meyer is toast. When are they going to learn that you can’t cover stuff up and you can’t lie about it anymore? You’re going to get caught and it just makes everything worse.


“I’m disgusted with this news and I think Urban Meyer should be fired immediately.”
—Every mid-tier athletic director in the country that plans to try to hire him after a sufficient cooling off period


I’m shocked, shocked that you think there might be hypocrisy in college athletics.


Wow. I’ve been busy all day and hadn’t seen the developments at all.


“Paid administrative leave” is like Dead Man’s Curve. He won’t be coming back from it.


OSU does what OSU does best. Going out in Scandal seems to be in the program DNA…


I know, right? It’s like being governor of Illinois.



Couldn’t happen to a nicer asshole.


This was all over ESPN radio yesterday and it sure sounds like he knew all about this and will soon be unemployed.


From yesterday:


Apparently, unless I misunderstood, Zach Smith is somehow related to ex-OSU coach Earl Bruce, who was a mentor of Meyers.


So very much this. Even if you’re knowingly looking the other way…you’re participating in a coverup by inaction and unwillingness to engage, and I don’t think a lot of people in sports quite understand that.


Coaches, especially those who have a winning history, are used to being God in their programs. Nothing happens without their knowing and approving it. That is one reason I think they think they can hide stuff like this. It is also why the punishment should be severe for doing it.




So… he knew, he reported and then kept on staff a domestic abuser? Is that what he just said? Who is Urban’s lawyer? Michael Cohen?


Maybe he is shifting blame to whoever he “reports” to, basically saying since they made no big deal of it neither did he.

Wasn’t he known at Florida for having players in legal trouble, or am I thinking of the wrong coach?


Joe Paterno used the same defense… it didnt work out well for him.


Child rape does not equal domestic abuse.


“We’re only talking smacking pregnant wives around here. It’s not like someone there was any of that Penn State child-rapin’ goin’ on.”