College Football 2018


I can hope Clemson keeps it up but it is Alabama they are playing.


If Lawrence connects on that last pass Clemson has a TD instead of a Field Goal, and it’s a 3-score game.

As it is, it’s still a 15-point lead. But, yeah, you can’t sleep on Bama.


Bama might have gained some momentum, but I can’t believe they still tried a fake FG after Clemson had every defender off the line and ready for the fake.



Three-Score Lead!!!






Alabama has been totally exposed. Clearly they did not belong in the playoffs. At least that’s what people would be saying if this was any other team getting dominated like this.


These Clemson receivers, especially the freshman Ross are crazy good. Funny the guy is from Alabama and chose Clemson. Ouch.


Three plays felt like they changed the momentum in this game:

  1. Bama misses a PAT
  2. Bama takes a false start penalty, barely makes a field goal
  3. Bama then kicks off out of bounds.

Clemson went down and scored right away to make it 21-16, and Alabama started to look like a team losing its nerve.



30-0 run by Clemson. Wow.


Bama denied at 1st and goal. Clemson ball. GAME.


Red zone defense in the second half has been amazing by Clemson.


Clemson has given a ton of yards but in the Red Zone where they’ve been dominant. Two totally different defenses.



Win or lose there was no scenario where I imagined us holding Alabama to 16. Go Tigers!


So maybe Notre Dame wasn’t so bad and totally unworthy. :)


The only way we’d find out is by implementing a bronze medal game. Add it to week 23 of the college football playoffs.


When was the last time Alabama quarterbacks recorded negative rushing yards for a game?


Eh, I hate Clemson and Bama. Probably hate Clemson more, but seeing Bama dethroned so convincingly mitigates that somewhat.


You know what I hate? All my fellow Clemson fans who refer to the National Championship as the “Natty”.

I’m assuming it’s a southern thing? I hope no one has any idea what I’m talking about and you’re all in disbelief. I hate it.