College Football 2018


Jalen Hurts’ name has appeared in the NCAA transfer portal, which means coaches can contact him.


If you’re not the best team in your conference you can’t be the best team in the nation. So going to eight just means a better chance that a team who got hot t the right time or is healthier at the right time could win the title. So a team that was second or even third in its own conference could somehow be champion. That doesn’t seem like my definition of ‘champion’ but most fold like the underdog story and the idea of some dark horse making a run. So with that idea and all the money it would create I’m sure an 8 team is in the future. A 6 team with the top 2 getting byes would be my preference as each of the big 5 champs get in along with an at large. Or may two at large if a big 5 champ is still below them in standings/wins.


You can’t do six for exactly the reason you have in the last sentence. Those Conference champs have to get in or the bitching would be unbearable. The five big conference champs are in. The rest are at large. If Notre Dame wants in, they have to play like they did this season so they can get shwakt in a playoff game.


Happens a lot in the NBA, sometimes in the NFL and I think something like six wild card teams have won baseball’s World Series.


Happens rarely in the nba due to the best of seven making it tough for a lesser team to steal a series. But it does happen more often in football where a single game determines things. It depends on if you’re looking for the best team or the winner of a tourney. Or you could do like soccer and just make the champ the one with the best record.

There is no sure fire way to determine a champ. I just think that the more teams let into a tourney allows for more randomness in the champs determination. Which a lot of people like


I think that’s a false distinction. The “Best” team in some pure sense could only be determined by freezing each team in time at the moment of their peak point of the season so no key injuries could screw them up and then making them play best-of-7 series with every other similarly-frozen team. Perfectly feasible with the right time manipulation technology but until we have that I think a format like the NFL uses to determine the “best” team is superior to anything college football is currently doing.


Which soccer is that? Not the FA Cup.


Thought most of the leagues over in Europe had the champion be the best record during the regular season. Could be wrong.


Tell that to Georgia/Alabama last year, or LSU/Alabama in the BCS era (or most NCAA Tourneys, etc.).


The leagues in Europe do not have a playoff. The Premier League Champion (and thus the participants in the Champions League and the Europa League… which aren’t actual leagues but more like a playoff) is determined via the final results in the table after the last game of the season.

That’s how it works in Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.

The Cup competitions are mostly based on the success of teams in the prior year’s League table.


I favor the 8 team option, with the Power 5 champs getting an automatic bid. The other 3 would be based on their record. And I don’t see anyway a conference would end up with 3 teams in.


Looks like it’s time to mute this one for the season.

Please start a new thread when Urban Meyer announces his new coaching job!


If you’d seen some of the reports on his condition, you’d realize that’s not going to happen. But we will need to start a new thread.