College Football 2018


I agree but the point is not about the level of heinous-ness in either situation. Unless you’re saying domestic abuse is not a crime and not worthy of attention, I don’t get your point.


Meyer, the 54-year-old Ohio State head football coach, who was placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday, has long trumpeted “respect for women” as one of his core values. So much so, in fact, that the phrase “TREAT WOMEN WITH RESPECT” is painted on a wall in the Buckeyes’ practice facility. But a report by Brett McMurphy says that Meyer likely knew about the history of domestic violence accounts involving his longtime wide receivers coach Zach Smith, as Zach’s now-ex-wife Courtney Smith says that Zach repeatedly assaulted her over a number of years when he worked under Meyer at Florida and Ohio State. Meyer kept Smith on Ohio State’s staff until last week, when Courtney Smith’s account became public. Then, Meyer may have lied to the press about what he knew.


Total horseshit. Guilty or not guilty. Apparently only guilty enough for 3 non-conference games. How fortuitous.


Collusion by sports talk radio hosts that needed to juice ratings for a few weeks.


While I agree Meyer screwed up and I am far from an Ohio State I just don’t think what he did was worthy of being fired. Trying to protect the grandson of the man he considers a second father is some excuse, and his apology seemed sincere.

As for the 3 game suspension, maybe it should have been 6. I was glad to see him get at least 3.


I think he should have either been fired or absolved. A 3 game suspension basically says “we think he is guilty of covering up domestic abuse, but we don’t think that is a big issue” to me.


College football 2018 is off to a gross start.


If that is true they should burn Baylor’s athletics to the ground. That is flat out despicable.


And only for game day the last 2 games.

On the other hand, it is important to note that while he was very dishonest in his public statements, and ignored his boss (the AD) on how to handle the issue, they did apparently report it up the chain correctly, though the follow through was lacking.

I’m not so sure he should have been fired, but I do think the suspension should have been longer, and more hands-off, and there should be a lot of community service with regards to the issue.

Essentially, if this were a tenured faculty member, I don’t think they would have been fired either, and the fact of the matter is that despite his massive contract, he still makes a lot of money for the University with regards to donations. We may not like it, but that most definitely needs to be factored in.


So money and success trumps abuse. Yeah, that sounds exactly right for the cesspool that is college football. I really do enjoy college football but damn, the entire shitshow is corrupt as hell.


Puh-leeze. Meyer didn’t commit the abuse, and he apparently reported it. Did he do enough? No, not in my opinion, but I also don’t think a knee-jerk firing reaction is justified either.


The fact that he asked how to delete messages on his phone should have gotten him fired.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are lawsuits for violating the public records act.


The thing is that those messages are definitely a 2-way street. tOSU should have been thorough enough to get them from the recipients/senders to truly evaluate that, but they rushed the investigation, IMHO.

Still, I don’t think that cover up would be enough to fire a tenured faculty member either - just a strong reprimand, and a probationary period after a suspension, I think, and this close to school’s start, the suspension could even be delayed for a faculty member.

Again, zero charges filed and (apparently) appropriate reporting through channels does mean a lot here.

Is he a massive hypocrite? Yes, but that isn’t always a fire-able offense. Look at Universities where tenured faculty have been accused of sexual harrassment - the penalty has mostly been leave, not firing.


Well, Baylor deserves the death penalty for at least basketball and football, but that will never be handed out again.

But I think Baylor has shown that they are way worse than almost any program in recent times. I wouldn’t judge all college sport by their actions.


Week 1 in the books. A lot of top 25 teams showed up a little sloppy so it’s hard to gauge. Bama looked good, ND looked good, OSU looked good against the other other OSU, can’t think of anyone else that looked amazing. An argument could be made for Auburn, but I expected them to win by more in what was essentially a home game for them and the opposing team crossed three time zones.


The age-old question of who the suckiest Power-5 program has been answered emphatically, as Kansas has routed Rutgers 55-14. Kansas has a two-game win streak, ya’l!!! And Kansas has more FBS wins than Florida State, Nebraska, UCLA, North Carolina, and Arizona combined.

Speaking of which, the old adage of be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it is now biting Nebraska and Florida State in the ass right now. It’s amazing how much Florida State shelled out for Willie Taggert, because the product on the field doesn’t resemble anything close to competent football.


Good god Badgers. Why does anyone ever even pretend they have a chance of a national championship?


Not fair - Kansas is obviously on the same level as Ohio State (52-3 over Rutgers).


In the you-only-had-one-job department


How this was not flagged is insane