College Football 2018


He was only two yards beyond the line of scrimmage. What are you complaining about?


It’s also a (highly illegal) double-forward pass, as well as ineligible lineman downfield.


I couldn’t tell about the linemen from the video, but, yeah, the double pass is pretty damned obvious.


As a Florida/Florida State hater I am happy with what is happening there. As for Nebraska, they guy who was their opening starting QB and got hurt is a local kid so I kinda wanted to see them do well. And a better Nebraska would be good for the Big10.


And hurt on what appeared to be a cheap shot at the bottom of the pile.

As to UCLA - after what looked like 2 weeks of dramatic improvement, we took a HUGE step back against Fresno State - who is a pretty good team - but the famed Chip Kelly offense is currently the worst in the Pac-12. Maybe it’s just the curse of Jeff Tedford, who owned us while he was at Cal, but that was the game I was looking for it all to come together, rather than fall apart. Bye week incoming, so we’ll see how good a coach Kelly is, as there is a lot to do.


Sure, it’s only Northwestern, but my Alma Mater actually accomplished something!

Akron – who was still known as Buchtel College – beat Ohio State in 1894. Some guy named John Heisman was their coach.


Ohio State wasn’t exactly a major football power in the 1890’s. Wooster College, which currently has a student population of about 2,000, has a football in a display case from the game in which they beat Ohio State sometime in the 1890’s. Of course, the thing looks more like a rugby ball than a modern football, but this was a long. long time before Woody Hayes and three yards and a cloud of dust.


As a Fresno State alum and fan it was a nice win for us, and I think UCLA paid for the crappy game the Bulldogs played at Minnesota. I did read in the paper today (online) that Tedford had ben 0-4 against Chip Kelly until Saturday.


I had to go back and double-check my memory when I read you describe UCLA’s 2 weeks of dramatic improvement. How is losing to a good Fresno team a step backwards from losing at home to Cincinnati?


A defense which tackles and doesn’t give up 300 yards per game is HUGE. Last year OU would have run for 500 and scored 70+ on us. Rosen would have scored more, but probably been knocked out of the game.

Cincinnati also looks a lot better this year too.


Not only did QB1 got hurt, but QB2 transferred in a snit the week before the season opened because he wanted to be QB1. So now Nebraska is starting a walk-on third-string QB. And Nebraska gets one less game than everyone else because severe thunderstorms cancelled their opener.

As a Nebraska fan I realize this season is basically a write off now, but I can’t really blame the coaching stuff for this run of obnoxiously bad luck.


Reminds me of Neuheisel’s first year at UCLA - lost both QB’S fighting for the starting job for the season to injury the week before the opener and had to start the third string transfer walkon.

Still managed to beat a ranked Tennessee team in the home opener on pure emotion and moxie, but then lost 59-0 at BYU the next week, and it really derailed any chance he had to build any momentum in the program.



Cincy is looking really strong by the way - they could be better than Fresno St. Looks like they could easily be 8-0 heading into November.


WSJ reporting that Ohio State didn’t even try to recover the deleted messages off of Urban’s phone.


Why bother, when the result was a foregone conclusion.


It wasn’t a criminal investigation, it was a cover your ass investigation.


They’ve got 3 quarters to straighten things out, but so far Cincinnati is looking totally outclassed at home by the Ohio Bobcats.


How about some nice news from Ohio State? Today a 100-year-old alumnus dotted the “i” in Script Ohio.


lol - VT lost to 0-3 ODU, most likely one of the worst teams across all D-1 teams across FBS & FCS