College Football 2018


And yet, 4-0


I’m surprised anyone is willing to schedule Army. I suppose the other service academies have no choice, but nobody else wants to waste practice time teaching their team how to defend a wishbone.

Grats to OU for winning, even if it took overtime to do so.


Wow, that was one helluva game last night. I’m sure Penn State will be second guessed on the last play call until next year at a minimum.


They made a few blunders I think :

  • Going for a 2pt conversion after the TD
  • Opting for a 4&1 conversion when they were in FG range
  • That final play call

They outplayed OSU for the first 2+ quarters and just didn’t have enough points to show for it.


It’s the old story, when you get the lead, you’d better put the other team away. They let OSU hang around and it cost them. Although that was a furious rally by Ohio State in the last 8 minutes or so.


Texas-OU is about to start.

Let me see if there are any other UT fans out there:

It’s 10:45…


Texas is, apparently, back.


Agreed. Beating top 20 teams three weeks in a row is a good sign. And beating OU always warms my heart.




Yes, for one day we are all Pursue fans


Indications that this may be Urban Meyer’s last year in coaching.


I reserve the right to take the Armando approach once he’s in his grave.


It’s absolutely incredulous how badly Maryland is handling the entire investigation around the death of one of their football players. The Board of Regents finally revealed the results of their investigation and they didn’t fire the coach, DJ Durkin. This despite all the reports of toxic culture at the program, the fact that despite throwing up during the wind sprints that killed him, the coaches and trainers had the player carried to the sideline where he sat for an hour before someone decided to call an ambulance.

Players stood up and walked out of the press conference yesterday. There’s absolutely no way that Durkin can stay there; and yet, Maryland decided to keep him on. Insane.


Some things I heard on Inside College Football last night.

One, the training staff who mis-handled the player were all inherited, and not part of Durkin’s team (and Durkin probably didn’t know what they were doing).

Two, the oversight of the (training) staff, team, dept, etc was institutionally lacking per the report. It wasn’t clear that they actually held anyone responsible for that problem, however (which is disconcerting, but could point to a lack of good training for the medical training staff).

Three, the University took its time (10 weeks into the season) and the Regents mostly overrulled the President, apparently.

Four, this is Durkin’s first D1 Head Coaching gig, and he probably had a lot to learn, especially with regards to the medical training staff he inherited/kept.

I’m not 100% against the decision to keep him. I tend to not be a knee-jerk FIRE! people now, and I suspect that everyone concerned has learned something, and hope that they will put it into practic (especially Durkin).


And they fired him.

Like I said, you can’t handle this any worse than Maryland.


ESPN seems to have the best writeup so far:


I can understand not liking, even hating, him, but this seems a bit extreme. Do you have a particular ax to grind?


Oh, just 20-odd years of cheating and then running away when he gets caught. And being rewarded for cheating so well.

I have the same reaction to Saban and many others, its not reserved for Meyers.

But you can trace it back to at least Clarett at OSU. Or Thurman Thomas at the other OSU. Or any of dozens of other players who got paid to play while their coaches winked and nodded and turned a blind eye in the interest of winning at all cost.


On a lighter note - the incomparable Mike Leach on Halloween:


Well that was an epic meltdown by Michigan State against Ohio State this afternoon. At the end of the third quarter they have a decent chance at an upset and then gift the Buckeyes 12 points in a three-minute span without benefit of an OSU first down.