College Football 2018


That has been MSU’s modus operandi all season. They have a great defense but zero offense. They can hang with teams for 3 quarters but by the 4th quarter the defense is gassed from playing so much. They are not a good team this season.


Well, so much for Michigan’s playoff bid.


So much for that vaunted #1 defense. Ohio State just hung a 60-burger on them.


So if Oklahoma can dominate Texas they probably get the fourth playoff spot now.


F everything. Ah well, still better than my 9-3 preseason prediction.


I knew Michigan was a paper tiger ever since watching the Norte Dame game. I wanted to be wrong, but sadly wasn’t.


Over (boom boom) Rated (boom boom)



LSU/TAMU went to seven overtimes. The final score 74-72, TAMU. My god.


The SEC championship game pits Georgia against Alabama. Not surprising. As much as I’ve recused myself from following sports in general, I confess to a bit of UGA interest, given my history with that place. But I’m pretty sure they’ll choke, again.


The funny thing is, it would be in the SEC’s best interests for Bama to lose that game. Bama is in regardless but Georgia will be out most likely, if they lose, as they would need losses by both Oklahoma and OSU to even have a chance of making it. Texas could crush Oklahoma’s hopes but I just do not see OSU losing to Northwestern. Myself, I would rather not see two SEC teams in the playoffs so I will be doing something I never do… rooting for Bama.


Wait, there are other conferences besides the SEC??? Heh, I hear you; it’s kind of monotonous, indeed, year after year.


Out of curiosity I wonder what the won/loss record is of Bama opponents this year? And they played what, three non-FBS schools?


No clue. Most of the big FCS teams though play around with their schedules, to some extent or another. I don’t think anyone really feels Bama is anything but a legit team. It’s simply financial suicide to schedule really challenging teams too often.


The SEC does not allow its teams to play more than one FCS team in a given season, and the football playoff rankings system does not give a team credit for beating more than one FCS team anyway, which kills you in that system. Alabama played one FCS team this season: The Citadel.

Alabama beat #22 Texas A&M, #7 LSU, and #18 Mississippi State. In addition, they beat bowl-bound Missouri and Auburn.


Alabama is legit but college football rankings is primarily a hype driven dog & pony show and everyone is getting wise in trying to min-max the system.SEC’s practice of schedule FCS cupcakes week 12 right before rivalry week is a great example of them understanding how to schedule smartly to maximize rankings.

I wish the other conferences either penalized the practice or just resign and do the same thing already.


The SEC also plays one fewer conference game, which limits the amount of cannibalization they do to one another.

It’s frustrating as hell.


I know of one bowl-bound SEC team where 9 of their 12 opponents are going bowling this season…


I was also referring to Louisiana Lafayette and Arkansas State, which aren’t exactly even mid-range FBS teams.

But don’t get me wrong, I think they are the number 1 team in the country.


You said “non-FBS schools.”