College Football 2018


Let’s face it, unless you are Power 5 you really are playing in the minor leagues.


La de friken da. They need 70 teams to fill all the bowls. More than half of the bowl teams are weak sauce. There are way too many bowls now for that proclamation to mean much of anything.


Also: “fricken”


Then it should be codified, that way we don’t waste time pretending that teams like UCF and Boise State will ever get a fair shake.

Before the schedule argument is made - they have to play their conference, and OOC scheduling is done so far in advance it’s likely their window will have closed by then. And that’s assuming they can even convince a P5 to schedule them and that P5 is good when the game rolls around.

Not that it’s news to anyone, but the deck is hilariously stacked against G5 schools.


Blame TV and money, really, The old days of playing your conference teams and local rivals for school pride, etc. are long, long gone. Teams now will play teams guaranteed to destroy them, in exchange for lots of money. Teams and conferences will set up schedules to make sure the right (that is, good TV draw) teams are there in December. Even twenty five or more years ago, when I taught at a Division 1 school and had varsity athletes in my classes, it was already very clear that athletics was a business utterly devoid of any actual collegiate connection.


No chaos today thanks to Georgia blowing it. Should be 1) Alabama 2) Clemson 3) Notre Dame 4) Oklahoma tomorrow… which has led to some pretty absurd takes from the networks like “Georgia should still be in” and “Notre Dame should be dropped” to try and drum up ratings.


Ah, my Dawgs. Defeat from the jaws of victory once more. Glad I didn’t watch the game. Usually, if I don’t watch, they win, but even my absence could not save them from themselves.


It will likely be Bama, ND, Clemson and OK, unless they punish the Big 12 for not having a championship game again. Not having the Pac or the Big Ten represented does push the argument for expanding the playoffs to 8 teams. You shut out two very large sections of college football without them. And for those who argue that ND is midwest, they may be geographically but if you lived in the midwest, you would understand that ND is considered an elitist outsider and reviled by many midwesterners. They are more represented by their religious affiliation than their geographic location. Besides they reside in Indiana, which is the Kentucky of the midwest, so they really don’t fit.


It’s official.

Alabama v Oklahoma
Clemson v Notre Dame

B1G and Ohio State fuming.


No one who is being honest with themselves thinks that we deserved to be in over Oklahoma. The only legitimate gripe is that Georgia is ranked 5. Not that it means anything now, but it signals that the committee would have put in a 2-loss, non conference champion over a 1-loss P5 champion if Oklahoma didn’t get the job done.


I’m a Buckeye and I’m not fuming. Horrible loss to a bad Purdue team. Barely escaping a bad Maryland team. Last night’s win over NW was not that impressive. They didn’t deserve to be in. It does highlight the need for an eight-team playoff however.


Same. The Buckeyes just weren’t top-4 material, but I agree they still would have been entertaining to watch in an expanded format.


Eight teams would be nice. Champs of Power 5, this year you would have Georgia and ND in, plus one other.


Yeah, can’t complain about Georgia not making it in. For one, we’d choke there, too, For another, we really need to be able to beat 'Bama before we deserve anything else.


Hmm, maybe UCF?


I think I’d be OK with trying a 6-team playoff first, giving the 1 and 2 teams a bye and maybe having the two 3-6 games played before Christmas, and then the two remaining games played on January 1 and the following week.


The Big 12 does have a championship game, and OU won it against Texas, 39-27. Was a fun game until the 4th.


That’s right, I forgot that they now have a conference “championship game”, in spite of not having divisions. I guess that it’s understandable since they dont have 12 teams in the Big 12.


You would have massive arguments over who should be #2 and #6, and the playoff would take just as many weeks. Why not just make it 8 teams?


Wont you get massive arguments about 9 and 10?

I mean, that’s the fallacy. When the NCAA tournament went from 32 to 64 teams it was all “Well, now there won’t be any more arguments”. And then when they added play-in games, that was to help with those arguments. And there are still arguments about the the first four out.