College Football 2018


I think by the time you get to 8 the arguments pretty much are hard to make. But what about the time part of my post. Your 6 team playoff takes just as long as my 8 team playoff. And your #2 gets a big advantage over your #3.


Urban Meyer retires. Not a surprise given his health issues. Ryan Day replaces him after the Rose Bowl.


He’s got to do what’s best for his health and his family.

Take a year off, then become the head coach at USC.


Massive arguments? Yes.

Meaningful arguments? Eh, not so much…


Heh. Seriously, given what I’ve read about his condition, you’ve got to wonder about quality of life and longevity issues even without coaching. Apparently stress causes the cyst to leak fluid, which, in turn, causes those massive headaches.


It is just a sport after all.

But yea, the meaningful arguments are currently for #4. With eight teams there may be some argument for #8, but there won’t be any conference champs losing out.


This feels different than before. He wasn’t hunched over in pain every time the camera panned to him at Florida.


8 teams would answer most of the credible complaints. It would get all of the power 5 champs in and provide spots for 3 teams outside of those champs. This would allow exceptional teams that just fell short of their P5 championships as well as independents and possibly even a mid major to at least have a chance to get in. Sure no matter where you put the cut off, someone is going to be the odd man out, so there will always be complaints but at least with 8 teams, the most valids ones are covered. Thats why I feel 8 is a far better solution than 6. 6 simply doesn’t fix issues that 8 can and 8 does so without extending the time frame any longer than 6 would.


It just moved.


5 P5 champs, best G5 champ, 2 at-large. The only legitimate complaints there would come from a second G5 team that felt they were deserving, but there’s usually one that’s had an obviously better season than the rest. As an added bonus, the P5 schools could feel more comfortable scheduling a marquee OOC matchup each year, knowing that a loss won’t immediately knock them out and a win would help later on if they can’t run the table.

Yea, and iirc he didn’t even bring it up until the media started to take notice and wonder what was going on.


I think the main thing is that they’ll need to keep it within the bowl structure to not get into a fight with the NCAA re: administering the tournament like FCS and the NCAA tourney. They’ll need to negotiate with NCAA leadership on any expansion plans since they do not want to share the prize pool any more than they need to.


Barry Odom’s having a day. At 5pm EST, it’s announced that he’ll be getting a pretty huge raise and extension at Mizzou.

At 6pm EST, he lands both Kelly Bryant and Jonathan Nance as grad transfers.

If Mizzou can keep things healthy, they could make a little noise next season. QB was the biggest question mark they had. Returning lots of guys.


I don’t think the NCAA has any say in the bowl setup. As I understand it most the bowls are owned/managed by one company. One thing preventing an 8 team playoff is the contract for the current 4 team playoff, it still has 5-6 years left.

But there would be some kind of negotiation with the biggest of the bowls to keep them happy. Rotating like we have now combined with just making the Rose understand that in off years they are just going to get lesser teams.


You’re correct, the NCAA has no direct say in the money collected by the schools in the bowl system and the CFP builds off of this so that NCAA does not have a direct say.

This is a big difference from say the NCAA Basketball tournament where all money is first paid to the NCAA and then each school receives a payment based on “tournament credits”.

CFP needs to be careful to structure their playoff to not be a “tournament”, otherwise it may be difficult to argue for NCAA non-involvement


I’ve mostly quit following college football this year, but I was still planning to watch the playoffs. Then I looked at the spreads and saw that both Clemson and Alabama are favored by two touchdowns and all the advanced metrics favor them heavily as well. I know games aren’t won on paper, but I’m not sure if both playoff semis have each featured such heavy favorites in the same year before. NCAA football became a European domestic soccer league (or the NBA) so fast I hardly noticed. I guess it’s just and fair that the best team usually wins, but it would be nice to see someone play aside from Bama and Clemson. Of course, if the best teams (Real Madrid Alabama and Barcelona Clemson) keep winning, then the best recruits keep going there and the cycle keeps repeating. I can’t really root for blue-bloods Oklahoma or Notre Dame though, even if the latter hasn’t won anything of note in 30+ years. I doubt playoff expansion would change the end result, but it would at least give me the occasional underdog to support.


This has been a “down” year for college football in that Alabama has been anointed (and probably rightfully so) as the best team since the first day, with Clemson being second. It is also rare that there are 3 undefeated teams in the 4 team playoff.

But personally I want an 8 team playoff.


I’d prefer that too, ideally with a game (or even two) fewer in the regular season to compensate for the extra week of play. I’m sure a lot of the quarterfinal matches would be blowouts, but that’s often the case with the playoffs as it is. Might as well get more teams involved for the off-chance of a crazy upset.


Halftime in the Cotton Bowl, keep it up Tigers!


The college football scene needs to stop putting Norte Dame as an elite team. Once again they are just embarrassed and show the playoff committee wasted a spot just because they’re “Norte Dame”.


I am not a Notre Dame fan but this year they probably deserved to be in the playoffs. They played a decent schedule, but many of the name teams they played were having terrible years.