College Football 2018


Mark Richt stuns his own AD by submitting a letter of resignation from Miami.


I am not a fan of Notre Dame, in fact I actively dislike them but the committee did not put ND into the playoff because of their past rep nor was it a wasted spot. They went undefeated in the regular season, one of only three major universities to do so. How do you justify leaving them out? And who would have been a better choice? Georgia, a 2 loss team? Michigan? A Pac team? Central Florida? They put ND in because they earned the spot and doing anything else would have been flat out stupid. Teams get thumped every year in every playoff. It happens.


Technically,it’s retirement.


I’m aware of the language Richt used in his written statement. He can call it what he likes, but “retirement” seems like something reserved for guys who are fully done with football. This feels more like an Urban Meyer’s retirement from Florida in 2009 right now.


A lot of speculation about Cristobal from Oregon.


Interesting. Didn’t Justin Herbert just say he was staying and not going into the draft? If Cristobal leaves, wonder if that changes the QB decision.


Yeah, also means Oregon goes after Wilcox or Tedford probably.


If ND wants to be treated like every other big program team, they need to act like a one. Join a fucking conference and play a fucking conference schedule every year. They already have a built-in recruiting advantage being the premier religious recruiting base in the world, but getting to pick and choose their opposition is just too much. They shouldn’t even be allowed in the NCAA under current conditions imo.


Yea, let me know when UCF gets a shot at the playoffs. I’d have rather seen them given a chance than another Notre Dame blowout.


They actually play a tougher schedule than many conferences.

This year : Michigan, Stanford, USC, Vanderbilt plus 5 ACC games.
They earned their way in this year gong undefeated against their schedule.


Norte Dame doesn’t have to play a conference championship game like the others which is big to remain undefeated. That also means they don’t go through a conference schedule every year like the rest. I would put say Georgia for example ahead even with two loses since one of those was in the conference title game which again ND doesn’t play and they had the second highest strength of schedule in the FBS. It’s not just about being undefeated.


Huh? USC? Vanderbilt? Stanford? So what? Their schedule is nothing compared to what an average SEC team does. Get past the names.


Bullcrap. The average SEC team plays 8 conference games and 4 cupcakes, with only 4 true road games.

Oh, and Notre Dame is one of only two schools to have never played an FCS school.

Name a single SEC team who didn’t play at least one, if not two FCS teams this year.


Lol you list a team like USC shows you just go based off on “names” and have no clue about who they played and their actual quality…you proved my original point perfectly

Thank you.


USC had talent this year, just a crappy coach and a true frosh qb.

A better comparison would be playing Vanderbilt, but that doesn’t fit into your SEC theme, does it?


In this age of black non-Catholic athletes I don’t know that they have a “premier religious” base. BYU probably has an advantage over Notre Dame in that they get often get more mature athletes.

And they actually have a very good schedule on paper this year, it just turned out that several teams had untraditional down years. And ND plays name schools on the road.

However, I would like to see ND join a conference.


While I do not disagree with your rant, it has zero to do with my point which was that under the current system, one for which they actually have provisions for including independent universities, there was no valid argument for excluding ND. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, or I like it or not, it is completely moot and not germane to this situation.


Word is that they have hired Manny Diaz before he could really start at Temple.


College football coaching contracts sure are an interesting thing.


Supposedly there is a $4 million buyout. Which is interesting, because I doubt that Temple has actually paid him any significant money yet.