This is the vibe I’m getting from this show. Another Lost/BSG.


CIA Lady was the most compelling character on the show. The only one who could really sell the ‘if the resistance piss of the aliens too much the aliens will just wipe out the planet, we are saving the human race by catching them’ thing. I just don’t buy it without her.


2th Theory (and I agree that they Phylis character was kinda awesome)

What if the colony… is a alien colony. Imagine if they have this strategy when they get to a planet not to terraform the planet, but to clone the dominant life itself, that they are some sort of shapeshifter. So they transform themselves into humans, with implanted humans memories. Once they have checked that they are fully adapted, they slowly release their original memories where they will remember about their 1 millon lakes of sulfur planet, or super mystic religion or funny galactic internet, and they lose shape on their muscles, so they look less like humans.

What if THEY are the aliens.

screenshot from random videogame that is not related to the topic at hands


I went to go watch the pilot so I could catch up on this show and USA has pulled it from On Demand. You can watch episodes 2-6 but not the fricking pilot. Really?


I know that kind of sucks, but there’s got to be a good scene by scene synopsis out there, and then you can maybe watch a couple of the remaining ones.
Edit: actually you could see if the pilot is on the network’s website.


Nope, same thing on the website. Just seems like a bad idea as my interest level tanked immediately.


It’s been pretty good so far*, so you should consider watching it when it comes to Netflix or whatever if the critical reception holds up.

*not Breaking Bad levels of good to be sure, but more nuanced than one might expect.


Well, the show wrapped up its first season tonight, and a second is on the way.


I enjoyed the season overall, the final episode seemed to have a weird feel to it, maybe it was the pacing? And I am glad its renewed because there were a lot of things left unresolved.


I also quite enjoyed this season, though I have some pretty strong issues with the wrap-up.

Basically, they hit a complete reset button: nothing that happened this season matters a damn now. Gain one kid (maybe) and lose another. Get in good with the boss, now he’s out and you start over from scratch. Get comfortable with your partner, and now he’s gone, start all over again.

Is the wife still a dissident? Who knows? Is your job secure? Who knows?

The only thread I see moving into the next year is the religious fanaticism, and I find it the least interesting story line. That, and her sister sleeping her way to the top, which surely can’t be as easy it it all seemed.

But overall, I think it was well written and well acted, and I’ll be tuning in next year.


Thought the finale did a good job of tying up much of the season’s plotlines and tension while leaving plenty open for another season (good to see that’s coming 2017). I enjoyed this show more than I expected, and I think both Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies did excellent jobs in their roles. Peter Jacobsen was also fantastic (as usual) as The Proxy. Very curious to see what becomes of him next season. Amanda Righetti never got enough screen time to pass judgment on her character, but she is certainly gorgeous in every scene she’s in. I also liked Tory Kittles acting as Broussard. It’s difficult to have “range” when your tasked with playing basically a stoic CIA-trained cold hearted killer, but he used non-verbal cues to make a lot of his interactions, especially with Katie (Callies), more meaningful.

My only gripe concerning the finale was the lack of reveal on The Host. The show really needed to give us something, if not a full reveal than at least a glimpse of something to confirm the alien nature (or lack thereof) of the new rulers of Earth. The show has consistently made reference to the fact that many people in positions of power on Earth knew the Hosts were coming before they arrived and had been tasked with various duties on Arrival Day. It would be nice for the show to explore how that was even possible if the Hosts are indeed aliens.

I’m also very curious about where Carl Weathers character went and what he will find there. It seems like the continental US is a little too big for a handful of alien ships with drones to be able to do much to the people living well out beyond the boundaries of the major cities they’ve “colonized”, so I hope that gets explored a bit next season as well.


I see your point but I disagree and think there are a few things teed up for next season that will be interesting to see how they play out.

The 2 biggest being:
-The resistance has an alien communication device. I think through this we are going to learn a lot more about who they are and what they are doing.

-What’s the deal with the surveillance camera that was spying on Katie in the last scene? Who/what is doing that?

-Beau has left and is going to live outside the blocks, I think this in combination with Will leaving the LA block to find his son will be used to explore what life is like outside the blocks in the wild/no mans land.

-I think we have not seen the end of Proxy Snyder. Maybe he gets sent to the factory in some supervisory role?

-I agree that they are likely to explore the religious fanaticism aspect more, and I agree its the least interesting.

-What is going to happen to the son who was caught by homeland security?


Second season starts Jan. 12th! Aak!

Here’s hoping it doesn’t go off the rails. I loved the first season.


Wow season 2 premiere was great! No spoilers but loved how it kicked off. This should have been episode 1 of S1! Heading in right direction.


Really? I wasn’t that impressed. I’m glad they started the first season the way they did, in medias res.

It was interesting enough, but I hope the second episode sticks to current events. In other words (without spoiling anything) I hope that most of this season doesn’t follow the format of this first episode.


Yeah I actually fell asleep though the middle of the first episode, at least I woke up to see the wall form. :p


I really liked the episode. They showed new things, but from the characters perspective, so the viewer really didn’t learn a lot more other than some background on the characters themselves.


Now this week’s episode was pretty intense, I thought.


I’m really enjoying this show, although I wish they hadn’t gone with aliens and instead made the menace more home-grown - life in Trump’s Amerikkka.


I think they wanted to keep it a bit more upbeat and optimistic.