Yeah, this has gone from good to really good :)

Peter Jacobsen is becoming my favorite character. Taub is great.


1 episode left, love that the former proxy is such a sleaze these last few episodes. :)

Also shit is about to get real, LA is doomed!


We just watched the last episode. It felt to me like a season finale, but I guess not?? Any word yet on whether it will be back next year? Walking Dead could learn a thing or two from this show.

And I agree that the former proxy is a great character, although I’ve given up on trying to follow who is fucking over who and why.


Regarding that first scene in last night’s Season Finale–what the heck was that about and what was the relation to the rest of the show?


What did the proxy have in his hand in the last scene? It looked like a signaling device or a detonator.


My guess would be a signaling device.


Yeah, he’s still playing both sides. I’m guessing it is a tracker, and somebody is following them.

Oh, that first scene was back-story for Brussard, from when he was still military (private military, Blackwater kind of stuff).


Slow burn of S1 turned into a boiler for S2. Love the show. Glad it was renewed for S3. Can’t recommend enough!



Season 3 Trailer !

Between this and The 100, its gonna be a great spring!


The best part of the first two seasons was the dichotomy of Josh Holloway working for the police while his wife was in the underground, and the mystery behind whoever was controlling everything.

Now it looks like they’re trying to turn it into Falling Skies, which doesn’t bode well.


They don’t have enough cheese to turn this into Falling Skies. ;)


Wow, that does look like Falling Skies.

But as noted, there’s not enough cheese in the world to turn Colony into Falling Skies.


I didn’t see a date for the season premiere there, did you guys?


Nope, but USA knows!

May 2nd!

That link info that displays on our site is WRONG!


Looks good. Can’t wait for this to return, as it was a pleasant surprise and I’ve enjoyed both seasons so far.


And May 2nd is here! HYPE!!!

(Man, too many good shows on tonight: The Expanse, The Americans and now this).


WOOO! Totally forgot this was coming back. My DVR did seem to be working overtime last night. We probably won’t finish this week’s TV recordings until Sunday night! We just got to the most recent episode of The Terror last night (loving that show as well).

Thanks for the reminder!


Yep, I hope to find time to watch this tonight. :)


Premiere was excellent. This is such a great show that I feel doesn’t get enough attention.


I just watched episode 5 of this and it was way better than anything that happened on Falling Skies. Still a good show.